Progressive Achilles Tendon Loading | Baxter Achilles Tendinopathy Rehabilitation Program

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Progressive Achilles Tendon Loading | Baxter Achilles Tendinopathy Rehabilitation Program

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🎶 Intro/Outro Track: Pharien – What You Say
This is not medical advice! The content is intended to be educational only for health professionals and students. If you are a patient, seek care of a health care professional.


HisChosen 1 says:

It did, ty!

HisChosen 1 says:

I liked this…. doesn't register….

Derek Clarkson says:

Can't walk for more then 4 hours, fllat footed 245 lbs

Steve Hoyt-McBeth says:

I know this is intended for physios but as someone with a chronic AT problem of 18 months after several bouts of PT, I really appreciate it!!

HC Lin says:

Thanks for the video!
May I know the explicit name of the paper ??

Fabien Fernandez says:

How about extensor digitorum longus 
tendinosis rehab. I'm seeking for that 
video I've always seen an Achilles 
tendinosis rehab

Adelina Negrea says:

Thanks for the video!
I have a question: these exercises applies to mid-portion or insertional tendon? Or both?

László Gyimóthi says:

Great video. Where do you think the eccentric heel drop fit in this scale in terms of loading rate?

TheSecretBuster says:

When it says "step up – Leading" does it mean leading with the bad foot?

Iamforthewin says:

what stage can we start running

Keng Fai Hui says:

Is it ok to do these with bare feet?

Oliver Taskov says:

Riding a bike in what stage ?

Павел Самсонов says:

Hi guys! Awesome video. Could you please give another link to data spreadsheet, because this one in description doesn't work -_-
Best Regards.Thank you!

Oren Pierart says:

Why is he doing a single leg Romanian deadlift when you are talking about body weight squat? Apart from that it’s a great video. Do you have the link to the Baxter et al article?

Kenneth Duborg says:

Can you make a version without the insanely annoying music? Thanks for the tip by the way …

I ncc says:

What's the différence between forward jumps in 3'50 and 5'11?
Thanks !!

Nøpi says:

Hi, thx for the video !
From how long can we switch from hsr to these exercises?

Günther Heck says:

Did you get support from Adidas (I am kidding)?

Günther Heck says:

Good demonstration. So, I understood you right, that the program should recognize the patient's step of problem and generally start one step before. Is there any basic rcommendation, when you should switch to the next loading step. Is patient's complaint a matter of descision to step back?

Caffeine and Gasoline says:

the music is awesome!

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