Best Self-Treatment for a Groin Pull- Including Stretches & Exercises.

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp & Brad Heineck present the absolute best self-treatment for a groin pull- including exercises and stretches. Includes treatment for hip adductor strain.

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Liz Gomez says:

Brads energy is off and I couldn’t even finish watching….. he seems impatient and I couldn’t relax and focus on treating my injury.

Rishabh Jaga says:

Virat Kohli and KL Rahul watching this video😂

judy hack says:

my pain is deep in the groin… not my leg …..I am a woman… and the pain is very close to my vagina. … I do not know why…. but, I now cannot walk up steps… n after being a very active, walking individual, I now cannot walk very far without excruciating pain. I cannot fathom this..can you?

Janet Foster says:

How long should I wait after pulling the groin muscle to start swimming again?

Aditya CR 7 says:

I have my match in a week and I am going through groin pain in both my legs . What should I do ?
I feel the pain mostly during power shooting.

Luke Hearn says:

No scientific evidence for ice helping recovery.

Roh's Adventures says:

You guys are hillarious 🤣🤣but informative thank you

CG says:

Here for the banter honestly

Cracobin says:

recovery is so boring

Enter name here says:

I was so scared thinking I had a hernia and had testicular pain and had an ultrasound test come to find out I don’t have a hernia I believe I might of pulled my groin muscle

Tupak Ray says:

what does it mean "find the tendor spot?"

Mubarak says:

I’m not supposed to laugh while doing this 😡😂

KevinSkye1 says:

I finally figured out how to lose weight(the healthy way), I have a desk job for the most part so the kick up my NEAT throughout the day I would do jump ropes in the back area on my down time and climb about 9 flights of stairs. One day when I was roping, I felt a bit of a post strain in my groin area. Tried to give it a few days off then I went back to the gym and after all of my workouts post cardio(elliptical), every step I took felt really tender.

How long does this injury linger around? I've been out of training for about a week now just trying to do some small self treatment exercises at home. The one that really strains me the most is the butterfly stretches. : T

Mr LiN says:

You two 'are' the best!

harrar8 says:

You two are the most annoying people on the internet

Master8990 says:

My groins are always sore after football but I always strengthen them. Any tips please?

shed.projects says:

I am 71, and need to be able to mount my bicycle, which is impossible at the moment. I am hoping these exersises will do the trick. thanks for the info.

Brandon G says:

awesome video guys!

D Nakos says:

I was stretching and pushing on my abductor and now it’s swollen and hurts. Did I tear it ?

FORKEG says:

Pullled m’y groin doing your stretches and now I’m here

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