Top 3 Shoulder Pain Relief Stretches

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Shoulder pain can be caused by tight muscles, especially when we have bad posture. Here are 3 of my favorite shoulder stretches to help relieve pain in the shoulders, neck, chest, and the upper back area. Buy a worksheet with these stretches at

First up is a rhomboid stretch. It can help loosen up the mid to upper back area as well as the shoulders.

Next, an upper trap stretch is great for the shoulders, neck, and the upper back area. This area also holds a lot of tightness when we are stressed.

Finally, a chest (pec) stretch will help open up the front of the shoulders and chest area. When the pec muscles are tight, they will pull or roll the shoulders forward, which can cause pain and bad posture.

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Top 3 Shoulder Pain Relief Stretches:

00:00 – Shoulder Pain Relief Stretches
00:30 – Rhomboid Stretch
01:49 – Upper Trap Stretch
02:58 – Chest Stretch

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AskDoctorJo says:

Buy a worksheet with these stretches at
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meer sahil says:

Hi doctor jo, my right shoulder is lower than left. Could you guide me how to fix it?

Gervinho Ian says:

Thank you so much Doctor Jo. I couldn't able to sleep over the night but after watching your video I could.

Salty Spacecowboy says:

Was diagnosed with impingement in both shoulders a decade or so ago. I was homeless. Was homeless for nearly 3 decades. I didn't use homeless shelters. I usually had a camp or just traveled. Bad motorcycle accident 20 years ago, rolled like a hot dog on pavement for 50+ feet, starting at 45 mph. My shoulders hurt all the time. I am a Framer. Working in construction for a long time. Heavey nail guns and roofing, wrestling doors and 4+8 sheets of subfloor. Its killing me. My awesome Dr. Told me about you. He says I have Encapsulation? Frozen Shoulder. It really hurts when I do some of the excersizes. Not sure if I should allow it to hurt. But I routinely hurt my left shoulder at work, which lowers my production significantly. I am paid by my production, not hourly. Am I correct, or should I avoid those excersizes until I am further along. Please help me, I am in the prime of my career and I love my job and the company I work for…

Abhishek Todmal says:

These were great! Thank you so much, Doctor! I must have pulled my shoulder muscles whilst working out, combined perhaps with an awkward sleeping posture, and so I have some pain in my shoulder. Subsiding, however! Thanks once again, and I wish you well!! 😃😃

Zinobia Mistry says:

Can you pl show few exercises for humerus fracture .

The Clovis Diary says:

i saw your other video and you asked me to subscribe and yes i did subscribe.
i have been having some shoulder pain especially when i am doing computer work, this will work

April Fraser says:


Harish Cr says:

I crack my neck and back bone daily 2 or 3 times for relief neck and back pain.I'm 16 now I started cracking neck and back bone at 13.last week my neck and backbone is very pain.I need help🙏.

RobertG 31 says:

What is her Instagram?

Christmas Is Awesome says:

How should one rehabilitate his ac joint injury at home? (level 1~2) Thanks =)

mike awsome says:

Hi, I'm trying to diagnose my pain. Any ways Sciatica seems to be what it is, however I am not certain. Should be said that I do workout a lot and also am training to compete in powerlifting. Anyways. It started after a minor lower back strain I got from letting my butt lift up on a leg press. I'v had this happen b4 and was fine within a week. So i just took the rest of the week off and also the nxt week. After that I went back into normal training with the exception of the first week where i treated it like i de-load week. Any ways no clue if thats connected. But it was a few weeks later where i noticed my left quad would tighten up over night as a slept causing pain then i noticed it would only happen if i slept on my left side The same side where the flare up would happen. Any ways now it happens from sitting to and the pain comes from the point in my lower back where i strained it through my hipflexer down the outer side of my quad and into the outer side of the joint in my kneee. Anyways im going to try your "5 Best Sciatica Stretches for Piriformis Syndrome" video and see what happens.. If anyone has any thoughts on that id be glad to hear em.

Chancy Lorenzo says:

take more of that

prokzilla says:

Thanks dr. Jo. My shoulder become more comfortable after this simple 3 step. i have too much work sit in front of computer.

Elvira Rumbo says:

Thanks for sharing this❤️💚💓🙏

Elvira Rumbo says:

Thanks a lot Doctor this is very helpful for me my left shoulder is pain ❤️

ffx2player says:

Oh I'm happy to see more shoulder stretches! I'll try adding these to my morning stretch routine. I have chronic problems with my shoulders since I started drawing and doing computer work daily for hours.

Kreutz says:

Number Three is my fav. I do that one everyday sometimes 4-5 times throughout the day.

bpassion4fashion says:

This was great !!!! Thank you so much .

Ilse Mindling says:

Excellent, thank you

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