Physio Neck and Shoulder Stretches GUIDED ROUTINE (15 Mins)

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Relax and ease neck and shoulder tension with this Physiotherapist guided home stretching exercise routine. Michelle guides you through safe neck stretching exercises that reduce muscle tension and relieve neck and shoulder pain. This stretching routine is the ideal work break at your home desk for relieving stress and neck tension. These stretches are suitable for beginners and intermediate level.

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This 15 minute neck and shoulder stretching routine guides you step by step through a series of gentle stretches for easing neck and shoulder pain and tightness. This routine starts in the sitting position with deep breathing and shoulder mobility exercises. The guided routine progresses through a series of safe stretching and mobility exercises for improving posture and relieving strain on the neck and shoulders. The posture exercises include chest stretches and postural awareness. A combination of static and dynamic neck and shoulder stretches are repeated throughout the routine in sitting and then lying down. This home workout concludes lying down with deep breathing exercises and a short relaxation.

I hope these exercises help you exercise at home, relax and stay well.
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noelle-amanda Diaz says:

Loved loved loved this video. It’s just nice to hear her soothing voice before bed and to not think about stretching and just do it. Sooo doable and pleasant. Thank you for a great video!

Elena Berseneva says:

Thank you. It was beautiful 😍😍

Wanda Joyce Wyatt says:

Yes Yes soothing voice.

Wanda Joyce Wyatt says:

I love all your exercises. So helpful.

Mourad Dendani says:

Do you have any exercises for frozen shoulders and neck pain due to degenerative spine disc c5/c6

Hanne Fredheim says:

You've got such a comforting and heartwarming voice and appearance -this helped me so much during quarantine/home office-days, and not only my tense neck and shoulders, but my broken heart as well <3

Sharanbasava Anandi says:

Thanks Michelle, really felt immediate relief, Can you suggest when exactly to perform these exercises as a routine
Like first thing in the morning or before bed or 2 times a day to get maximum benefits

Francis Vogel says:

How often can you do this exercise? Once, twice or three times daily or only a few times a week? I gained more arm flexibility after 10 days but still achy shoulder sleeping and stiffness. Issued caused by decades of driving, stress and recent overuse of right arm extending weed trimming caused nerve and neck issues. Any other exercise suggestions? Thank you!

Erin Wilkus says:

I used to get a very stiff neck any week followed by a high stress event… or roughly like every 6-8 wks. I do these exercises a few times a week now and I feel sooooooo much better! and at 39 wks pregnant! (I do the last part at the wall so I dont lay directly on my back)

ChevelleSS1000 says:

I do the first ten minutes twice a day,and it really did help my stiffed neck and pain in the shoulder,the combination with your angelic voice really serenading.a lot of appreciation for you good work.

Karlota Chaler Sanchez says:

Just your voice already relaxes me, then I do the rutine and …small piece of heaven. Thanks.

seanaldmcseansington says:

This video changed my life. Thank you so much!

Marte N says:

Thank you so much 🙏🏻

Elizabeth Bogard says:

Michelle, Can you suggest what to do to relieve Periformis Siatica Syndrome? Thanks so much!

Tanya Roberts says:

I do the first 10 minutes of this routine 3x a day every day now while sitting at my desk. This has been helping me SO MUCH to loosen up my neck and shoulders, a problem area for me. Your voice is so soothing too. Thank you for putting together such a lovely video.

Ummul Vara says:

Mam cervical Spondylosis me ye wala exercise kar skte h kya?

Stuart Brown says:

Respect that felt really good,,Thank you Peace, love and light.

Yeecii says:

What’s your Instagram pretty woman? I build with muscles, hit the gym today should started hurting like tight muscles. I bumped to YouTube typed should / neck stretching here you are and saved now im inlove JK. But yeah I’d love to follow ya 🙂

Popolin says:

Omg thank you so much I breath way different now because of this vídeo

TC Reviews Stuff says:

Been told by my acupuncturist to do more varied shoulder and neck stretches so thanks for these! Super simple and hopefully can help my migraines!

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