Knee Arthritis? We Put Together Our 7 Best Exercises

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Knee Arthritis? We Put Together Our 7 Best Exercises

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Neelam Panjwani says:

Amazing, thanks a lot

Robert Evancik says:

I live in a retirement community and have given out your web site to several neighbors, and each time they would call and say Thanks for the advice. Keep it up Bob and Brad, both of you just got me through a recent shoulder tear from Pickle Ball now I have to work on my left knee. What is your opinion on including a stationary bike with your advised 8 Best Knee Exercises?
Thanks Again

Steve Quatman says:

You two just contradicted yourselves on this video from the video with 8 knee exercises. You said turn it outward on one video and inward on this video. Which is it?

Jefferson Stroud says:

It’s very important to say a very big thank you to Dr .ONO on YOUTUBE for using his natural herbal Medications to cure my Arthritis permanently .

Robert Thomson says:

Not a exercise but what has helped me immensely is a 10lb ankle weight. Sit on the edge of something that lets you swing your legs and do that for 3 minutes. One video I've seen says 3 times a day but one has worked for me. Feels good and makes a difference. Search YouTube for videos.

Olivia Mia says:

Good day I'm Olivia mia.. It was super exciting using natural roots and herbs supplement prepared by Dr Bassey Ayaka on youtube to get rid of my Arthritis virus permanently all thanks to Dr Bassey Ayaka ❤️ for his marvelous work,,

TexasContessa says:

My knees bend too far backwards. Kinda like a chicken, when I am just walking along. What's up with that? And it hurts !!!

Llee Stimer says:

you almost lay on the booyah stick Bob……..bwahahahaaaaaa

Katherine Joseph says:

I just tried the one where you rotate inward the tibia and OMG that made a huge difference for me! THANK YOU GUYS!

Anne Watman says:

Thank you!!! I fractured my tibia years ago, so my left knee bends inward. Not horrible, but it’s noticeable. It doesn’t bother me much, but the “good” knee does! I like to walk, and I love my treadmill, but recently I started having some sharp pain in that knee, and I’ve developed a Baker’s cyst (my first ever). I’m not having any trouble walking, except for the treadmill. I even tried slowing the speed down, but I don’t want to go so slow that it’s just a casual walk. I’m very frustrated! Are there exercises to help with Baker’s cysts? (I know they result from knee problems.)

Debbie Weber says:

I had a very painfull knee and pulled something running down stairs in my house. A week later I started exercising on elliptical slowly and gradually faster on elliptical every day and healed my knee . No more pain.

Liz McCue says:

Bob and Brad, what do you do if your knee is 'bone on bone'? (I hate that statement)

cherl golja says:

You guys are soooo funny , sounds like your been drinking lol

Esta lngle says:

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Ella Surez says:

I can't believe it when I saw the test results showing nagative, excitement is the fresh knowing fully well that I will no longer die soon, as a result of Arthritis! Meet Dr Isibor on YouTube channel for permanent cure.

Heather Kirby says:

You guys are awesome! Keep on doing what you are doing! Great job!

Jackie Kuehn says:

Really have improved my life. You are both inspirational! My life was so painful, and you both give me hope and real results.

Sherrie Pasarell says:

Excellent! Thank you, Bob and Brad. The 2 most famous physical therapists on the internet. In MY opinion too~~

Captain Scentsible says:

Bobs leaning back on those clamshells, my therapists would be correcting me .haha

Cynthia Wilkerson says:

The feed has no volume on my end

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