Hand Arthritis | Bill's Story

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Bill developed hand arthritis in his left hand that started to affect his ability to play guitar and affect his job as a sign language interpreter. The pain of #arthritis in his hand, led to Bill seeking care with a hand surgeon at Johns Hopkins Orthopaedics.
Visit us: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/orthopaedic-surgery/specialty-areas/hand/

Dr. Dawn LaPorte, Bill’s physician, talked to him about all options that could help alleviate the pain. Ultimately, Bill decided to move forward with a thumb CMC Arthoplasty (thumb joint replacement). Following the surgery, Bill had the help of the Johns Hopkins Rehabilitation Network’s occupational therapist, Jyo Supnekar, to regain function and strength in his hand. Bill is now back to playing guitar and working as a sign language interpreter with no pain thanks to the team at #JohnsHopkins.


Shredd says:

Is the help permanent? Or temporary solution? I'm suffering from the same thing, also a guitarist

SingleMalt77005 says:

My problem is the buckle next to the nail on my left hand's little finger. Is this surgery available for that?

Luz Long says:

Do/did you experience any numbness post recovery?

capeheartriz says:

I have basal thumb OA. not great for guitar players. I do mostly solo jazz harmony and its a killer. So far no surgery just braces and massage. Surgeon did not recommend surgery unless, or until it gets must worse. Apparently, its a hit or miss surgery with some improving, others not. He is lucky to have access to Johns Hopkins. Most of us will have to deal with local hospitals and surgeons.

Paula Goodrich-Ashurst says:

Very impressive!

Warren Tibbs says:

Bill, thank you so much for posting this… This is very,very encouraging for me… My left hand has the arthritis as well, it's in my thumb and index finger. I also seem to have weakness when trying to form a couple of bar chords.. I get the pain most when trying to form the open Am and C chords. Calling the hand specialist here in Kansas City… πŸ‘ŠπŸ˜ŽπŸŽΌβ€οΈ

Matt Gilbert says:

Happy for Bill.
I can't afford surgery.

Probably have 5 years of playing left in me.

Jade Rose says:

🌸✨ Thankyou for sharing your expertise and your skills to improve patients lives.

Sound Tracks says:

I want to have surgery also but i can't afford the expenses πŸ˜” im suffering for almost 5 yrs now on my right wirst.

PhOEnIxxzz says:


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