Can the President Ban TikTok? | LegalEagle’s Real Law Review

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What’s going to happen to TikTok? Can President Trump ban it? WHAT ABOUT THE MEMES??? Get CuriosityStream AND Nebula for less than $15 (26% off!)

HoegLaw’s explanation of the TikTok ban and how it affects the video game industry:

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LegalEagle says:

⚖️ Are you worried about TikTok security?
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Tru Keesey says:

China declared war against USA in 1995.

樺素Annalise says:

Honestly every company does the same thing. Google does the same thing. Say hey Google and they reply, that basically means they're constantly recording and recognising what you're saying. That's more than what TikTok is collecting.
Bias against China isn't new. And as someone from HK who frequently uses Chinese apps, I gotta say, I'm getting very tired of this bias when a lot of these apps are quite fun and useful. Sometimes even more so than their western counterparts.

Evelien Heerens says:


One could argue that tiktok does indeed involve the transfer of something of value. Big data (in this case mined from tiktok users) is of incredible value. Data is considered more valuable than gold in the current economy. So I would say that tiktok could not apply to that exception.

Moonbeam 87 / Jack Kelly says:

LOL TikTok the Sound a Clock Makes, Priceless.

Chris Foster says:

Interesting that article II, section 2 says ‘’He’ shall have power’. Wonder if that will EVER become an issue for a female POTUS…

Matticus Madness says:

I already know the answer to this one, and I don't like it…
2:523:00 Sounds about right.
6:336:40 It's almost like they're collecting all your data, so they know who to shoot, when they team up with Russia! HMMMMMM!
11:4711:51 I've never heard a better reason in my life, to ban something!
12:3912:44 "Tik Tok teens are" yeah, Tik Tok teens are braindamaged, dude. This pile of shite getting the boot, would do them good.

Lady Onikara says:

The U.S. these days (and back when this video was made and posted) is making me feel like I'm normal, sane, and well adjusted. I hate feeling that way! STOP IT AND LET ME BE ODD AGAIN!

Charles Newman says:

The government could order TikTok blocked, but tech saavy users could use an offshore VPN to circumvent that.

Kaiserland111 says:

They're Chinese companies – you shouldn't support them regardless of what the president says or does.

Rhys Williams says:

This is basically everything US companies like facebook/twitter do.

Benjamin Menken says:

I wouldn't miss tik tok if it went away

Eric David says:

Chiming in a year later just to remind us that TikTok is still working for us and Trump is not.

Ignition [FR] n2 says:

1:40 – Chapter 1 – What is Tiktok & WeChat ?
12:40 – Chapter 2 – Authority to ban Tiktok & WeChat
24:15 – End roll ads

lordifandk says:

I got a friend who was been a wizard at tech and computer stuff since he learned to read and is now a educated tech supporter. He and some of his friends once decided to find the 'schematics'' and the software code that was used to create Tik-tok, most of the software code that was used to create tik-tok was the same kind of code that is used by hackers to create computer viruses. In other words, i dont like tik-tok i always found it to be the most stupid media app ever, and now that i know how the app was created and how identical the software is to computer viruses, i have only one more reason to never touch that stuff.

Lieutenant Surge says:

Every app tracks you. Every app spies on you. It’s just a matter of which app do you want to spy on you.

Chiriko says:

I'm sorry but "China is censoring the Uyghurs language" is completely untrue and blatant propaganda. The Uyghur language is written, as required by law, on every single public sign in Xinjiang, words written in the Uyghur language is found on the Chinese currency, books translated into Uyghur are in bookstores in Xinjiang (even Henry Kissinger's book on China, hilariously), and kids are taught the Uyghur language and can go through all the way up to high school without using anything else other than the Uyghur language, which is more than we can say about any schools in the US in regards to American natives…

Keith Klassen says:

Man can you imagine if some powerful country housed some big social media company that was global in it's reach and was strongly suspected of sharing far too much personal information? What if that were like, the case? Scary shit, man.

MultiRobotnik says:

We chat, the one weird trick to backdoors on your phone.

Crystalus 08 says:

I think the phrase "hindsight is 2020" is going to have a whole new meaning

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