10 SAFE At-Home Exercises for Knee Arthritis & Pain (FAST Relief!)

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These at-home exercises for knee arthritis and pain reduce common aches and stiffness that most people associate with aging or “bad knees.” They don’t require any specialized gym equipment, save a lacrosse ball for active self-myofascial release.

They are easy to do, starting with a beginner set, then moving to an intermediate set once you have gotten used to the exercises over the course of a couple of weeks. Remember, one day of training will not fix bad knees.

These exercises focus on waking up little-used muscles from your feet to your hips that will take some of the load from your knees as they get stronger. Combined with lengthening tense, overcompensating leg muscles, you can also reduce the everyday wear and tear on the soft tissues in your knee.


FREE PDF DOWNLOAD WITH ALL 10 EXERCISES: https://www.precisionmovement.coach/knee-arthritis-exercises-yt/

0:00 Intro

Beginner Routine:
3:28 ASMR: Plantar Fascia
5:03 Extended Knee Ankle Plantar-Dorsiflexion
6:33 Seated Tibial Rotation
7:40 Hip extension / Knee Flexion Dissociation
8:30 Slumpy Psoas Activation

Intermediate Routine
10:56 Seated 4-Way MTP Slide
12:34 Standing Glute Activation
14:25 Standing Tibial Rotation
15:28 ASMR: Quads
16:36 Standing Dead Bug

Additional Info / Tools
18:10 Summary
18:54 ROM Coach Mobile App

Each routine takes a few minutes to do, and you can download the PDF for printed instructions and recommendations: https://www.precisionmovement.coach/knee-arthritis-exercises-yt/

Follow along today to take advantage of improving the mobility in your knees. For more info from Dr. B on knee injuries and knee arthritis, check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z9KTCmUAmQ

ROM Coach app (free!):​ https://www.precisionmovement.coach/rom-yt – our beautiful mobile app to improve your mobility and help you achieve movement longevity, includes the Daily Movement Tuneup and gives you 3 new exercises that will activate every muscle and mobilize every joint in your body every 1-2 weeks (only 3-5 mins/day!)

Knee Recovery Program: https://www.precisionmovement.coach/knee-recovery-program/​ – includes exercises to restore fundamental function including VMO activation; designed for any painful swollen knee, acute knee injuries like meniscus tears or chronic conditions like arthritis.

Medical Disclaimer:

The medical information on any/all of our content is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.


Las Vegas says:

I'm literally suffering! I've been a gamer for approximately 5 years, this addiction to gaming caused numerous deformations in my body..
My knees touch but my lower legs go outward and look too skinny. The shape of my legs is: XO also called "false curvature" or "fake bow legs". My knees and ankles CAN touch each other – or come really close to touching – but there is a gap at the shins.. This deformation appeared in my body this year, to be specific 4 months ago. It is not a birth/congenital defect/sport injury. It is probably due to a bad routine practice.. I believe my femur is internally rotating..
and my pelvic titls forward which creates an imbalance in my joints/muscles. I'm not suffering from knee pain or back pain.. Howeve, I hear my knees crack while doing squats.
Ah yes, I also have flat feet, I believe it's caused by the weakness and rotation of the femur.
(for your information, I don't like sports at all, and I was really addicted to gaming in the past years, in other words I don't go outside everyday and I don't walk for more than an hour on a daily basis..)
I'm sure my muscles are weak and imbalanced, I need a workout routine to correct my leg shape, I think I will start with this one, Walking is also good for me right? Because I wasn't walking a lot in the past years (I go to school by bike and I rarely walk).

Albina Vaz says:

I like every exercise in this video. Helps a lot. Thank you.

Stephanie Love says:

Love this information. I was just diagnosed with bad knee arthritis and I’m devastated and in pain.

Justpassingthrough says:

If the seated mtp is uncomfortable on my knee and makes if feel likes it's shifting (sort of like when you crack your knee) should I avoid this exercise? Or will it adjust?
Also is mtp pressing through toes or just putting pressure on balls of feet?

Glo Ossa says:

thank you so much i was having so much pain on my both knee which had make walking very hard now i can run after doing these exercise for 2 Weeks

Todd Olson says:

It's astounding how fast a body can go south once one part is compromised. It's true everything is interconnected. Thanks for this link to help with my arthritic condition.

Daniel Froggatt says:

Hey Eric I’ve just found your channel and it’s really great stuff. I’m recovering from a surfing injury to my knee at the moment. I had a question. I did the beginner routine and the slumpy psoas. I did it quite hard and then experienced a sore lower back for a few days afterwards which I think was related to that exercise. Do you have any idea of what I may have strained in the lower back? Does this mean my psoas muscles are weak? Thanks!

Traci Hicks says:

Thank you so much for detailed valuable information ❤

Meg says:

Love the exercises! Except one. When I do the standing hip extension/knee flexion dissociation exercise. (Beginner series) my knee "catches" and then releases with pain as I flex the knee. Should I avoid this exercise? Thank you so much for the help that you so generously offer for free.

Robin Gaudet says:

when doing seated tibial rotation, what muscles are we suppose to use? hamstrings?

Sabina Mock says:

Excellent information. Will put in practice right away. Thank you.

Dr. Alyssa Kuhn, Arthritis Adventure says:

It is so important to realize that knee pain and stiffness can actually stem from other joints like the feet and hips!! It is often forgotten!

O. Flo Isaac says:

Smooth and gentle – Thanks! I don't like Facebook therefore – no App – I guess 🙁

sammy says:

Just in time, yes. ~
(Cronique spine DDD + OA here) ect..
OA in shoulders / hips / knees ect.
Gonna have a peek here, TKS!! 🍀

33Crazydude says:

very informative, thank you

Rachel Webster says:

Hi Eric. What's the difference in this routine and the lower limb course please? And the knee course? Thank you.

Namaste says:

Eric, ASMR is very interesting to me because before my knee problem started I went to a chiropractor because of a kind of paresthesia/numb feeling on the bottom of my FOOT. No doctors knew what it was or how it was related to the knee pain. Since my inee problem sarted I went to PT in a local hospital where they increased my knee pain by about 500%. I started doing yoga stretches for sciatica that helped but still have a nagging pain. Then I went to an orthopod who sent me to a different PT but I had mor.e pain at the end of the day after the therapy sessions. I have helped myself partially by doing yoga for sciatica. I tried your 10 exercises and instead of more pain in the evening I had less. Appreciate your professional videos. I live in Miami.

T. Wallace says:

It is very generous of you to do this video. It's much appreciated.

Donut_33 says:

I'm a guy and I was wondering if you guys have any exercise for chest fat please reply if you can

emielregiss says:

What an excellent and comprehensive tutorial!

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