TRAINING FOR BALANCE #1 | 15 minute home workout.. Ashley Freeman

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Strengthen your body whilst building focus, confidence and stability. Enjoy this fun little workout for balance!

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Ashley Freeman recommends that you always consult your trusted medical practitioner or physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before engaging on any yoga or training programs. As with any forms of movement, there is always the possibility of physical harm or injury. If you choose to partake in this video, then you hereby agree that you are doing so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, and assume all risk of injury to yourself.

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Belinda Hurry says:

Awesome! Great balance exercises!

Emily Hill says:

I wish I could like this every time I do this! Love this so much!!

Emily Hill says:

This was amazing 👏

S says:

I did this today loved it 🥰

Itzhak Venezia says:

Thanks again, I said awesome 10 months ago, and it still is superb!

Chris says:

Ha thanks, just done your workout, I brought a EUC and was finding myself leaning to the left a bit , which of coarse i was having to lean to the right a bit, as i was trying to go in a straight line , any tips would be helpful ? Chris

Ferovka says:

Great excercises! I also like a lot that it is a follow along 😊
I really need to work s lot more on my balance, especially my left side.
Thank you so much for making and sharing the video 😊

Dawne Abdul Al-Bari says:

😊 Ashley ~ I absolutely loved this work out! Just what I needed after my prescribed exercises for PT. Thanks so much for doing what you do ;->

net news says:

love that bum

J Craig says:

Thanks so much i had fun! The first set was difficult then til i went on scond set it feels easier. It’s surprising how I improved my balance at the second set

hii says:

Thank you, I do gymnastics and I need a lot of balance to get my tricks right!

Death’s Head Moth Ranch says:

Thank you!! I ride horses, and I’ve been wanting to try vaulting. I’ve decided I should get my body coordination and balance down pretty well on the ground before I try it on a horse, and this has helped so much!

Itachi Uchiha says:

Nice workout, you deserve more followers

Mystiquemama's Creations says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this, more for me next time 🙂

Kholoud Idrees says:

Thank you. first time to do only balance workout.

buat donlot says:

love this so much! found u when i miss my bodybalance class! gonna do this every morning ❤️❤️

zariah pernell says:

Tysm i can go to p.e at school doing this

Martin Drews says:

its ok but you talk a little much its is hard to concentrate but it's stil good

Reva Rose says:

Thank you 💓💓 its make my day🥺

Tessa Tandler says:

Do you have any standing balance workouts without floor work

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