The ONLY Jedi That Could Have Stopped Palpatine CONFIRMED [Without Anakin]

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Carlos Eduardo Albuquerque says:

How did Darth Maul do his needs if he had no lower body? lol

n k says: star wars viewpoints

Chevy Montana says:

I think qui-gon is the best character because his importance is not diminished. He is the one that teaches force ghost and he is the one that could have kept Anakin “good”. Qui-gon listened to the Force beyond all. Anakin was born from the force. But that doesn’t mean happily ever after.

Yabuturtle says:

George should have said "Qui Gon is the key to all of this". And he really is. He's the one who discovered the chosen one to begin with. He was the one who trained Obi Wan and had him train Anakin, and Qui Gon found a path to immortality and he taught this to Yoda, who taught it to Obi Wan.

throwmeaname says:

Question: if Anakin was trained under Quigon, would that have affected the prophecy of the chosen one balancing the force?

Kevin Wilson says:

Mace had him beat if Anakin did interfered.

Mactrizel says:

Qui gon is awesome but let's be real he was ended by maul. Recently star wars has gone seriously off the rails all the new movies have ruined the old ones mandalorian was good but not enough to save the franchise

Mr boom YP says:

I am from Israel 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

Jay _ says:

Final song name?

Le M says:

Quit exaggerating…..

Esther F says:

Notice how everything went to shit after Qui gon died

Bribickhed6 says:

Qui Gon couldn’t stop his apprentice.

Alch 514 says:

Why did you repeat the same thing 10+ times? To extend the video?

Rolly Knighty says:

That's why it called the duel of fate

Philip Summerfield says:

Mace Windu?

Aiden Meyers says:

Super cough mice windu

Aiden Meyers says:

Cough mice windu

FootedNeptune says:

Umm I mean mace windu seemed to be doing pretty good before anakin well umm u know cut his arm off.

Splashsky says:

Woah why this episode so quiet

Luis Avila says:

Can’t wait to see the future of Star Wars on Disney+

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