Senior Fitness – Full Body Resistance Training Workout

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In this video, we are working on some great resistance training exercises designed to help strengthen all of your major muscle groups.

Resistance training means to exercise with some form of resistance. This can be in the form of actual weights (dumbells etc), resistance bands or everyday water bottles or cans of soup.

The type of weight doesn’t matter as long as whatever you choose to use should be comfortable for you.

You can also substitute weight just for range of motion movement meaning just moving your muscles can be resistance for some. Especially if you have any limitations due to previous surgery or injury.

You don’t have to use weights for this workout.

Here, we are working through both upper and lower body to make sure we are using all of our major muscle groups including arms, legs, back and core.

Strengthening these areas helps you with everyday movements like lifting pots or pans, walking up stairs or even just sitting and standing.

As per every exercise only do what you feel comfortable with and avoid pain or discomfort. If you decide to use weights choose only weights that you are comfortable with and never force any movement that causes discomfort.

Also, don’t forget to take lots of breaks and drink water.

Have a great workout!

Team Meredith


Suggested For this Workout:
Hexagon Coated Dumbbells –


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Senior Fitness With Meredith says:

Thank you for watching! Please let us know in the comments what you would like to see more of from us either in workouts or health and wellness. As always you can find us here: Thank You! – Meredith

C L C says:

Thank You! 🙌🏼

Deidre King says:

Hi there. Very good workout. How many times a week do you recommend doing this workout for best results?

Lucius says:

Thank you very much. I didn't have to hold on to the chair.

Willie Watts Troutman says:

Love your videos. Thanks for sharing.

Sooz Weissberg says:

Whoo-eee! A great and challenging workout for my morning!! Is that a little teapot back there on your table? Just for a spot of color? So cute.

Denise D says:

Thanks Meredith for another great workout. I'm working my way through all of them.Next time with ankle weights. How long do I have to hold stretches for.

EveryBreathCounts says:

Another great video, well paced, clear instructions and you took this morning’s workout up to another level! Thanks for helping.

Becky Lynn says:

I love the easy pace, gentle music and no repeats!

Kathryn Lee says:

Thank you, Meredith. This is a great workout and you clearly know what you're doing and modeling the exercises and form beautifully! I'll be looking for more of your videos to use regularly. ~Kathryn

Shawn Quinones says:

So, just found this and I'm looking forward to getting started. Just started walking home from my granddaughter's father's house after getting her on the bus. My Dr. Thinks it's awesome, while my body isn't so jubilant lol. Anyway this looks perfect for those days when I don't need to make the mile walk and hopefully between the two I can lose some of this weight and get stronger . . . .My dream to be as healthy as I was 30's . . would be so nice
Thank you.

sue salmela says:

my husband and I continue to do this sequence and really enjoy it! Thank you so much for offering this.

Elainew O'Sullivan says:

Thank you Meredith

sue salmela says:

thank you, I enjoyed your sequencing!

Peggy Brendel says:

This is what I've been looking for – a fast way to combine lower and upper strength exercises. My usual strength exercise routine takes too long and this is a way for me to get what I need much more efficiently. I will probably go straight to the combined ones without doing them separately, which might save even more time. Now, I'll be looking for the best and shortest seated abs/core exercises and I should be good to go. Thank you so much!

Connie Rose says:

I need all the help I can get to remember to breathe and sit up. I appreciate all your talking me through. When do you do the live streaming?

Connie Rose says:

Super video! I applauded for $10.00 👏👏👏

Miss Sha says:

Is this safe for someone with knee injury??

TheGameChanger says:

Great Video!!!!

Pandie Flanagan says:

Thank you so much Meredith for helping us to stay in great condition. Love your videos.

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