Neck Shoulder & Arm Pain Release Stretch-give it a try to see if it helps

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Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate a quick stretch you can try to see if it alleviates your neck, shoulder, and arm pain. In some instances this stretch will help and in others it will not. Give it a try.

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Supertoxie1 says:

Oh my gosh. Thank you. Fixed the pain in the lower side of my neck immediately.

Michelle says:

That was fast relief 😅 thank you! I’m going to keep doing this

Earthworm Chewer says:

Jesus Christ loves you!

Paula Costa says:

just that intro song alone deserves a like

Cynthia Remandaban says:

Yes, it worked for me!! So simple and not traumatic at all. Followed all you stretching exercises and find great relief. More power to you Bob and Brad😉

Sourav Sarkar says:

I have upper left arm slight pain when lying…or cycling….is there any exercise for this problem

Kona Garage says:

How many reps of 15 seconds should you do at a given time? Or is is just one 15 second stretch and that is it will next time?

Linda Bevan says:

Thank you so much I finally have a bit of relief from my arm pain, it has been a week and driving me crazy. This exercise is fantastic.

El Jefe says:

Thank you guys for another excellent video!

Sandra says:

Thank you so! That really has helped.

S Martin says:

Thanks fellers. I have no interest in muscle relaxers, drugs or paying small Chinese women to hurt me. I felt relief immediately.

Karen Steele says:

Worked for me. Thanks

John Longen says:

You guys are great, you get to the point and also keep it interesting for the video.

Kathleen Covell says:

After going for two months of rehab, still hurting. Went on line and did these exercises. So amazed I hardly have no pain. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

Liam Manalo says:

I am feeling a sharp pain on my upper right tigh. Its hard for me to run and jump.. Please help me..

Surabhi Gangwar says:

my both shoulder are paining since 1 year..this is like some nerves pain….its very pain full….what to do

ModestAlchemist says:

ok so.. i subscribed because your jingle is priceless.

Kelly says:

For months my neck, shoulder and arm have been in pain so much so I quit exercising to heal and nothing worked WOW this 1 simple stretch really works thank you!

chichemero Shoper says:

Thanks! It's work!

Art & Garden says:

Dear B & B thanks for this video. When doing the neck stretch , its seems to sometimes effects my ears, like a sort of blockage occurring when I do the exercise. Also is swimming a good idea? Obviously swimming is good as an exercise, however with neck pain, or is it better to swim on my back? Thank you,

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