Leg Workout With Knee Pain

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Looking to sculpt and tone your legs but knee pain is prohibiting you from squats and lunges? NO PROBLEM! Check out 8 of the best exercises to build muscle in your legs while avoiding pain in your knee joint.

LINK TO RESISTANCE BANDS: http://amzn.to/2h4G15X


✅ ONE EXERCISE TO FIX MOST KNEE PAIN: https://youtu.be/zzoRfu1gzC0

✅ 5 BEST EXERCISES FOR KNEE PAIN: https://youtu.be/ikt6NME0k9E

✅ BEST EXERCISE FOR KNEE STRENGTH: https://youtu.be/0CQsMauqu5s

✅ STOP PAIN UNDER YOUR KNEECAP: https://youtu.be/j4pkM4ZO6hM

✅ HOW TO FIX IT BAND PAIN: https://youtu.be/c9uPHuLtkZI



Linda McKinney-Pecone says:

This is so great. I think this is the best Youtube channel for exercise and rehab I have ever come across. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I find so much help on your channel.

Yamini M Dev says:

Oh my god!! Thank you so much ……love you!!! I got the relief which I wanted from a week within few minutes….!

Tebogo Sithole says:

Thank you so much

Phyllis Beal says:

Ty so much this was awesome:)

Neha Singh says:

Can i perform these exercises I have osteoarthritis in both the knees…

Becky A. says:

Thanks for posting. I’m looking for videos that help tighten inner knee fat. Will these exercises do that?

Maritza Bernal Gomez says:

Thank you very much Dr. I recently injured. I felt a horrible pull at the back of my knee after finishing my 10km marathon. I couldn't even walk. I've been taking medication for 1 week + ice and now doing your exercises. Hopefully, I will be able to run again! 🙏🙏

Mahhi Kwt says:

That was good i am trying to do it all

edgeplantasm says:

Thank you so much for the information! May I know for how long should I do these before I start doing my regular exercises? I usually do squats, lunges, but I have been having knee pain (and it feels like it's inside the joint) and just recently I have been feeling pain on my hip joint so I'm doing these exercises.

Conningdale says:

Unfortunately no sound……..

Amalia Andales says:

Thanks for the info.
God bless

Tina Jung says:

This. Is Tina jung I need help with Legs and knees

Annabel Hilson says:

Wanted something I could do as I go alone, so less talking, more doing

acer4pid says:

Doing this while healing with my patellar tendon pain-syndrome. I am only 14 and I need these lol

popas ltu says:

any advice for torn knee meniscus ? It wont heal completed after 9 months of rehab i still feel pain and cant run , or do any activities(only can walk).EDDIT:after this excersise i feel sharp pain in left glutes,lower back(buttocks) any excersise or videos recommended?

Carnivore gal says:

I have real bad right knee pain. Watched a ton of videos. This is the one I am finally going to start doing. Thank u so much.

vinod sindhu says:

Please share excercise for big toe pain

Lidija Bašanović says:

Thanks🌹you are awesome, it helped a lot

raghav prasad says:

While doing these exercises can I use ankel weights???.

Rashael Nunley says:

Healing from a tibia plateau injury, and definitely need to strengthen my hips and the muscles around my knee. I started doing these exercises 2 days ago, and plan to keep doing them. My question is, is this a SAFE routine to do every single day?? I was doing the leg raises yesterday, and feeling the burn. So, would it be good to do it every day? or take breaks in between? Thank you!! love your videos. 🙂

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