BOSU Ball: 10 Best Balance Exercises for Athlete & Post Rehabilitation.

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate 10 Balance exercises performed on the BOSU ball. These exercises may be performed by the athlete and the patient who is in rehabilitation from an injury or surgery.

**UPDATE** Since filming, we have released our own exercise ball! Find the Bob and Brad
exercise ball here:

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mac salvor says:

I'm trying this as all my muscles tense up extremely when trying to stand. How can I stop my lower back pain when doing this?

Liz Barrett says:

I just picked one up at the thrift store. It was half off day so I got it for $7.50!

Pun Bishal says:

Good technique. I was looking for some tips. Really helped thank u !!


I met a personal trainer at the YMCA in Austin that developed his own multiple boso ball workout. One thing was where he would balance on one leg then jump to another boso ball on the other leg and maintain his balance. He was in his mid 50's and said it had improved his vertical jump to the point it was better than his son's. Wanted to hire him but a bunch of trainers left there for some reason and I never found him again. Been searching youtube for boso ball workouts ever since.

Evita Francuz says:

wow! great video, i will definitely get me the ball and try it out for my ankles. you guys are awesome!

telephono007 says:

I'm probably not the first person to mention this but guys?! You're pronouncing it incorrectly. The official site even says it's like the boy's name BO and the girl's name SUE.

Chapo Gwapo says:

Told Bob to come get the ball for him then steps off the bosu to take a break😂 Asshole!!

AgentVanilla says:

Very informative

sarah Alexander says:

Doesn’t it say directly on the boscu ball NOT to stand on the flat side???

Helen Ling says:

I'm 8 weeks post op right partial knee replacement and am having some medial rotation of the leg when doing any squat type motion or walking down stairs. Ive completed PT..6 WKS, saw surgeon today and knee is great but was told it was coming from my hip..will this help with stability and strengthening my hip? Thanks in advance for any tips!!

Hyb Rid says:

you guys have much fun

S w E n e K A f says:

The energy on this video is good

James Woodall says:

KRselly likesd this. Most videos show workkouts but don't stress the rahab part. Old farts like mes need that more

Carol Lynne Teteak says:

Thank you for this Channel – love you guys!

Roman Enriquez says:

Excellent tip for balance, am a senior , beginner learning better coordination.

Kris Kringle says:

The intro alone made me want to subscribe

Abdullah AlMearaj says:

Thank you for your videos. How come that your Bosu has a strap? Where you got the strap from?

Juliet Roxannah says:

Thank you so much for this video! I am way out of shape from staying in my very little room to exercise apartment during the pandemic. I usually (not this summer) do standup paddleboarding which I feel keeps my feet and ankles strong. My thrice sprained ankle has been sore lately so I purchased a BOSU ball to get me back into good balance. I know these exercises will surely help me. Thank you again!

Sophia Rodriguez says:

FINALLY!!! Some serious CERTIFIED, experienced professionals who really KNOW what they're talking about…
Most health/medical information is presented by UNPROFESSIONAL idiots who gives poor advice!
Thanks god that you exist 🙂

dogmom77 says:

Great exercises…but what do you do for those who don’t have someone to throw the ball to you?? A wall wouldn’t work because you’d have to get down each time…

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