14 MIN Shoulder Pain & Tension Relief Workout with Miranda Esmonde-White | Essentrics

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Our goal at Essentrics is to help people feel healthy, strong, and empowered in their bodies. Enjoy this free mini stretch workout with Miranda Esmonde-White!
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In light of these times and to support our community, we’ve extended our free trial period to 14 days!
Essentrics dynamically stretches and strengthens your whole body to tone your muscles and increase flexibility. The powerful Essentrics technique of strengthening the muscles in a lengthened position quickly transforms the body into a long, lean

The gentle exercises in this workout will help relieve many types of shoulder pain. Be sure to remain relaxed while doing them and never force your painful muscles.


Päivi Elina Anatchkova says:

I'm so grateful Miranda; this workout, like the one for hips has saved me so many times. If I do every day it really feels like aging backwards, every other day is what I'm usually able to do.🌹☀️🙏

Lee cooper says:

awesome thank U!

lynn101list says:

Thank you, Miranda! This has really helped my shoulder pain and has given me more mobility!! I use these exercises almost daily.

Wonderfully50 says:

What a wonderful 14 minutes. I didn't think I could do this after my stroke. Painful rotator cuff, but I used your method to gradually gain height and when I felt that stabbing pain, I lowered my arm. Thank you so much.

Cathy Tsouroullis says:

Thank you for offering this workout! I'm so glad to have found you on you tube. Very beneficial stretching!!!

Helene Vinet says:

Great pain release for me, thanks Miranda. I also do your other classes.out of subject,I’m curious about the location was this one done in Montreal or is it Boston? Just curious.Merci 🥰

Len Drury says:

Miranda had a beautiful body
Toned and symmetrical
She obviously knows her craft

Dana Sims says:

This really helps my neck and shoulder pain

Sandy Bayes says:

Thank you Miranda! I too just found your channel. I'm 80 and now working very hard to more than do what my mother's and her 3s sisters did. They all stopped walking in their early 80's and I'm determined that is not going to happen to me! I'm so glad I found you! Thank you!!!

Patricia Jenkins says:

My go to exercise to relieve tension and keep my shoulders and neck pain free so that I can continue tennis and pickleball in my 70s

Susan Shea says:

i'm feeling my qi cong movements and long-ago ballet in your sequences! very rewarding for me to exercise with u like this! thanku for your time and giving.

Susan Wu says:

Thank you Miranda. I am 85 been following you for over 10 years after cancer treatment. you are the best.

Ineke Agterberg says:

Fijne oefeningen!

patricia hockaday says:

Bristol England just found you – looking forward to joining in

Francesca Gibson-Tucker says:

This really works and is relaxing

Joy Williams says:

G.m. find your workout really interesting. Thank you.

Tawa Halp says:

Request, can these be designed with less directives? because I have a neurological condition. The multiple directives are overwhelming.

Patricia S says:

Very interesting. Hoping to avoid shoulder surgery. Some similar ideas to the T-Tapp program.

augiemusky says:

Finally a workout that I don’t dread, but look forward to doing! I never, ever liked jumping or running or most sports, and certainly wouldn’t sign up for anything like a boot camp that involved someone yelling at me to push harder. I am 60+ and LOVING these sensible workouts.

zhang fatima says:

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