Lose Weight and Get Fit Fast After 60… Match Your Fitness Plan to Your Lifestyle!

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Lose Weight and Get Fit Fast After 60… Match Your Fitness Plan to Your Lifestyle!

In my experience, there are two reasons that women our age fail to get in shape, even when they have made a decision to do so. The first is that they start too fast. The second is that they choose a fitness plan that does not match their lifestyle or fitness level.

In this morning’s show, I would like to talk about how to pick the perfect fitness plan so that you can get to a healthy weight, feel stronger, and regain your balance and flexibility.

What are you doing to stay in shape these days? What does your fitness plan look like? Why do you think so many people fail when they decide to get in shape, especially after 60?

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Growing Younger Gracefully says:

The best exercise at ANY age is the one you will DO! Making a commitment to your well-being is literally life-enhancing!

Barbyl says:

Giving up 95 percent of carbs. Is nearly a must after 60 I believe. Lost 55 lbs this year by fasting and keto and I'm 66

Marylou Bannister says:

How do u stay so upbeat all the time?

karen cradic says:

Thought this would be helpful

Rosey C. says:

Hi Margaret: There are some other reasons we fail to get in shape, also. We may try unsuccessfully, to lose weight (me), have chronic pain (me), developed insulin resistance or adrenal fatigue..or, a host of other reasons. Depression (and frustration) over life situations or not being able to get the scale to budge is a big factor. Wishing can't always make it so, even with hard work. I'm currently seeing an endocrinologist; however, so far, tests are coming back fairly normal. I've gained 37 pounds since menopause (!) and am a petite woman. Your advice is always sound, but, this is a huge problem for me.
Thank you, and be blessed. Rosemarie xo

Mac Smiffy says:

I’ve had to adjust my exercise routine due to osteoarthritis in my hip. Some days are worse than others, so I just listen to my body and do what I can. The most difficult thing is slowing down. I used to do Zumba and aerobics, but I can’t pound the joints anymore, so I do spin classes. I’ve started using the joint yoga you posted when I get up to get everything moving, before I do my hip physio exercises. Everything creaks and pops, but my Tai Chi teacher would say that’s the chi blockages freeing up. The answer is to keep moving.

Kathy Gee says:

Could you should what you do for exercise ?

Rosey C. says:

Hi Margaret: I just saw another article about how younger woman have stopped dyeing their hair and are letting the gray grow out. Meanwhile, we are assaulted with advertising of anti-aging products, as if getting older was a capital offense!! Please consider doing a video, because we're getting all kinds of mixed signals from the beauty industry. I'm so tired of it. Thanks so much! Rosemarie xo

Maggie Christi says:

I learned something new! Thanks for this

GodsWarrioress1111 says:

Exercise is a habit that needs to be formed. After just making yourself do something for 30 days it will become a habit. Whether good or bad. Now I go for walks every day and I challenge myself to go a little further or go on areas or there’s hills. That way it gets my heart rate up. Since I’m single I have a German Shepherd that I walk with and feel safe. I now I am trying to add yoga especially in the evenings to stretch my muscles before I go to sleep. If you have a smart TV, there are many you tubers that do yoga.I also try and do some sit ups and work with light handweights which again you can find Youtubers with the right program that feels good for you.

Jean Jacobs says:

Greetings Margaret! You know, I taught gentle yoga for over 35 years. Don't know where I'd be without it! Also, where do you find those colorful bead necklaces? So cheerful! Blessings!

Jackbrahms Barth says:

Timely, since I'm about to renew my acquaintance with the gym after a few months' absence. I did learn the hard way to no longer do fast, intense repetitions…since every time I tried that, some joint suffered as a result! Off I go….


Hi Margaret
Hope all is well with u
I love swimming
I also do weights in the pool
I highly recommend getting a trainer to keep things challenging
Have a nice day
Ana Sophia

Ann Ramsey says:

I decided to add more strength training & was surprised to find the firm videos on DVD. But I wound up feeling the warm-up was inadequate at my age so I got a Richard Simmons DVD & I do his warm-up, pop the DVD out & do the firm workout & cool down.

Sixty and Me says:

And, don't forget to click the little "Bell" by the Subscribe button so that you see all of my videos.

Sixty and Me says:

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Sixty and Me says:

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the premiere of this video this morning! We'll be back tomorrow at 7am Pacific, 10am East Coast Time.

moon glow says:

A dry cough from talking? I miss you drinking your morning tea!!

Jewelz Jewelz says:

Yeah, I was ready to watch this one today. We'll look for tomorrow

Alma Rodriguez says:

Hello , can't wait to see how to lose weight & get fit fast.🤩👍

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