Best Seated Sciatica Exercises for Instant Pain Relief

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Dr. Rowe shows how to get quick sciatica leg pain relief in a chair.

These exercises are especially good for relieving sciatic leg pain from sitting too long, or if you find that seated exercises are easier for you to do.

We’ll focus on the main causes of sciatica, which include a lumbar herniated disc, disc bulge, stenosis, and piriformis syndrome (aka pseudo-sciatica).

All of these exercises are easy to do, require no equipment other than a chair, and can be done at home and/or work.

Give them a try and get quick sciatica pain relief… even in as little as 30 seconds!

0:00 Intro
1:04 Dr. Rowe’s Seated Sciatica Slayer
3:48 Piriformis Twist and Lean
6:03 Two Chair Sciatic Nerve Floss
8:26 Chair Decompression (Traction)
9:31 McKenzie Seated Flexion


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Whatatay T says:

If you can do these exercises you don't have sciatica. I couldn't sit or lift my leg 6 inches without being in pain. Exercises make it worse. Stretching your muscles does nothing to fix your spine which is the problem.

Andreas Hilya says:

Dr can I do this exercise if I had operation already?

Jeanette Swain says:

I was feeling okay util I walked too long in high heels two months ago. Having Sciatica pain since then and want to know if this will heal in time if I do exercises?

Joseph P Liptak Jr says:

Thank you, it helped to relieve my pain.

Patsy Cline says:

I have had left leg sciatica for about three weeks now. One of the painful areas that hurts the worst is directly under and to the side of my knee cap. What, if anything, can I do to target that area? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer with this issue.

Sh R says:

Another fantastic video. Bravo❀️

Peyton Woodruff says:

What if pain is on both sides?

Thoi Truong says:

The seated Sciatica exercises do help – Thank you.
Do you have a series on pelvic muscles for incontinence after prostatectomy?

LYTXN says:

This works too!! "Literal pain in the butt" πŸ˜€

Padmavathy Thiyagarajan says:

I feel a strong pinching sensation on my left leg, right behind my knee which slowly makes me feel hard to walk. Any particular excercise you could suggest to get relief from that pain would be much appreciated.

Lola Hey says:


Robert Enright says:

These exercises make me feel " really, really good!"Thank you!

Anbu Anbu says:

Hi i am 32 age i have pain left side, this pain cure or not life long continue ah

Anita Gupta says:

When No meds, no cream , no hot-cold pad worked with an open mind and with little expectancy I gave this video a shot and it did this magic πŸ˜ƒ .. thank you doc and I do see some more video that I can use. Keep rocking it doc .

Stacy Napier says:

Thank you Dr. Rowe, I have sciatica in both sides, bulging discs,. Scoliosis and so on. I was hurting from sciatica pain while I was watching this and tried it. It hurts worse for me when I cross my legs but the exercise really helped. I was doubtful for a minute there sorry. LoL if you do that every day will it help it hurt less often?

Adriel Teixeira says:

Thanks Doc.

Ms dawngzuala Tochhawng says:

Doc suppose if i go to chiropractor and fix my uneven hip will it be permanent? Ijist asking i have watched the videos of those



FredGCopping says:

You do an excellent job of demonstrating/ explaining each movement and how best to execute them! Thanks

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