Advanced Exercises to Relieve Sciatica or Sciatic Pain- Herniated Disc

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“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck demonstrate some of the advanced exercises they use to help relieve sciatica or sciatic pain caused by a herniated disc.

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Candy MJ says:

I have a question what if you have pain while doing the press ups? I mean I stopped right away but should I be concern or should I just do them anyway? I also have pain down my butt and it feels like if it’s burning but it comes and it goes is that a herniated disc? Or the piriformis syndrome? Or can it be both?

Sneh Prakash says:

The bestest physio duo ever.

Ray Arlan says:

Bob and Brad I have done every exercises you have demonstrated on back pain and these two
are the only ones that worked for me. I had severe pain in the buttocks and some pain in the back.
for a month. Thank you for your help.

Brandon Whitehorn says:

What if you are doing the exercises and your leg pain doesn't get better. I have been hurting for 2 weeks. My ankle hurts the worst.

T Eagle says:

Thank you 😊 I hope you guys no how grateful I am for your videos they saved my life sciatic nerve pain is no joke I have never felt anything like that up all night crying omg just a couple days of these exercises and bam sleeping all night with a little pain but bearable I am gonna keep going tell completely pain free THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP

Jake C. says:

I'm dealing with excruciating pain from this but these exercises are helping but as soon as I start walking the pain comes back..when I stand like wasdishes or just standing in general its just excruciating I have to sir down..but I'm watching more and learning I need to ice and heat ..any tips on getting heat with out heating pad…wow I never thought I would deal with this at this age….I'm so worried I will not be able to work when i do start( I'm in a hiatus right now lol).its been 4 weeks…… the pain makes me howl….I can't get that centralization I feel it good to the top of my buttock but not to the center…I believe I'm pretty bad……atleast I can sleep..thank you Bob and Brad my body's messed up but I come here for tips and education and it really helps.

Eleftheria Choriatelli says:

What happens if the pain doesn't go away?

S. A. says:

This chanel is a lifesaver✌🏾

Anna Brown says:


Violet Brown says:

These certainly are not for everyone. I don't think there is a single one that we can do.

phil marmanillo says:

they sometimes times put out information between cornball jokes.

xxheadxxz says:

Please help me!! I've been dealing with this kind of pain since January its now October I went to a doctor and said I think it could be sciatica they just wiped out some pills and sent me on my way 3 months later I couldn't take it anymore went to the doctor again same pills same everything, refused to send me for a x ray to see what the cause is I have more pain just above my right butt cheek kinda right at my hip if I push on my hip it feels better I was shown a stretch to help with sciatica and it did help for a little while but not it feels like it makes it worse (the stretch is you take your leg that's hurting and put it out straight while sitting up straight shoulders down and lean forward) I'm at the point where I can't sleep. I also fell around January are tore a ligament in my foot same side that hurts could this be a cause? It didn't heal properly? Please anyone im desperate I wanna go see a doctor but there not helping 😔

Melanie Jarrett says:

Why do i feel the pinch above my left butt cheek. I was gardening, came inside went to get a drink and i felt it pinch and it dropped me the ground and its been 3 days? I can't sit, going pee is brutal, i am a teacher and there is NO Way i could drive to school, i took the week off. My pinch is above my left butt wraps around my hip and my thigh is numb. Is this sciatica?

Doofenshmirtz says:

1. I have lower back pain
2.When i sit too long and tries to stand up.. It's somewhat difficult.. And i can't sit properly for too long.. If i try my back hurts
3.When i stand or walk for sometime my left leg(more specifically.. Calf and thigh) hurts

What does i have???? Is it herniated disc… Because i don't find bending back that much of a difficult thing…
Please…. I need to get rid of this😪😭

Aryaman Kumar says:

Once again a nice video👍❤

Rabih Badr says:

I came here for the thumbnail

Raqhel Reklaw says:

Excercises start at 6:00

Kannada ladies tailor says:

Both of you guys great
I suffering in sciatica pain from last 2years and now I relaxed during this exercise
Thanks god bless u both .

Anotherguy says:

Thank you so so much, doing that press-up on that "sniper" position is a game changer for me.

86RDG says:

Excellent channel. Great advice delivered with humor.

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