New Abyss in a Nutshell (Genshin Impact)

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i hate everything… especially the ducks
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Song : My Hero Academia OST – You Say Run
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Zy0x says:


also sry for no 1080p editing software is trash, im gonna buy a new one today

Teʀᴇsᴀ ! says:

and everyone though hydro was a support/healer

F2P Gintoki says:

Zhongli: I see no god above here, except for me

Raiden says:

I can never forget that zoo

Faridul Alam says:

My hero academia song i like it

Phantom Gaming says:

that my hero academia ost is dope

tofu _ says:

12-3 for the abyss lectors xiangling is too good pls use her :,) she just needs energy recharge and then her ult will just melt their shields pls she saved me so much pain

Itsbeastly187 says:

Me who’s on floor 4 😌

Lunk says:

Yeah that mimic zoo melted my zhong li's shield instantly with him being at nearly 50k hp and the talent being at lvl 8. Fuck floor 12.

That guy says:

I can 3 star 12-2 with ganyu against the zoo, but need her for those electro abyss assholes.
And upon retrying, my diluc team just can’t survive the zoo.
This sucks so much

Daeaera [FGJ] says:

Seriously, fuck Abyss Heralds/Lectors with a 6 foot barge pole. I can deal with the zoo floor decently enough, but man… I wish enemy shields could be tuned down in this game. The fact that Lectors can drain your elemental burst gauge makes them infinitely more frustrating to deal with.

jrc DA says:

lol I'm currently stuck and is really frustrated at 11-2, but seeing this makes 11-2 looked cute 😂😂

Aman Chauhan says:

Me being a razor main, with Diluc almost there…
all I hear is:
I can't breathe….🤕

ManicLemming9 says:

This Abyss really is a pain in the ass. Just one Star at Floor 12 and I can't beat Hydro Abyss Emissaries in less than 7 minutes.

CaliPupcorn says:

Razor going beyond PLUS ULTRA

Pale says:

Yeah this is hell, and if he'll doesn't exist this creates it

Daniel Ng says:

You’ll need a lot of skills to be able to complete 12-3 without zhongli. I actually have more trouble with the abyss heralds cuz their shields and gimmick are more difficult to deal with. For the water zoo, I use Eula, Zhongli, Qiqi and Fischl/Albedo, any other team will have at least 2 members dead. Diona’s shield can’t cope with the amount of damage these things dish out.

pooto says:

all i heard while watching this was all might saying "you can be a hero"

M says:

I'm looking forward to more strong shielders with different elements… Zhongli's is universal, and Diona's is usually fine, but there's 2 sides on Abyss, and another universal shield might be a bit boring. Or maybe something new, other than just shields. Maybe some I-frame stuff, someone whose shield buffs the character when it gets hit, a recovery mechanic that leaves you at 1hp and gives you a chance to clutch heal if you time your switch to that character, couple that with high stagger resist so you can actually trade hits/escape wombo combos etc. etc. etc.

cotharsis says:

lmao meanwhile I've forgotten spiral abyss existed until this video popped up in my feed

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