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Squatting is a basic fundamental movement. Unfortunately, our ability to squat has decreased significantly due to our sedentary lifestyles. Conditions such as Chondromalacia Patella and patellofemoral pain syndrome may also decrease our ability to squat. Add this technique and start squatting again.

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Anonymous says:

fuck you for that intro too loud motherfucker

sherwinfitz says:

My knees hurt while squatting period. Opening up my stance doesn't help.

Aryan Panchal says:

You are a life saver man ……lots of success to you !! 👍


My left knee hurts and into the shin with a squat. Feels like it will separate or something

Jamie Werie says:

My knee still feels really tight and hurts when widening my stance

zafar iqbal says:

Wow! This actually helped me do a squat. Prior to this thigh widening technique taught in this video, I just couldn't squat without experiencing severe pain… Thanks a lot Dr Wil!

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