Knee Pain With Pistol Squats (SHE HAD PAIN FOR 5 YEARS!)

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Gretchen had been dealing with left knee pain for the past 5 years that severely limited her ability to single leg squat. Today I’m going to walk you through our entire evaluation and treatment that allowed her to perform a pain free pistol squat!

Eval takeaway: her knee pain wasn’t a problem AT the knee. That’s just where the symptoms were. Her cause was all the way up at the hip! Until the movement related factors at the joints above and below the site of symptoms are uncovered and addressed, most injuries will not resolve!

Reminder: this is not the end “magic pill.” What this eval showed was the problem and the path to the ultimate fix. It will then be on Gretchen to continue these exercises and slowly build back pain free capacity. But through this simple test & retest method, we can see how this path is the right one for her body.

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Abhishek Sanghi says:

I have pain in back of the knee above calves on right side when I do pistol. How can I solve it?

Gurmeet Kaur says:

Please make one video on lateral pelvic tilt

aroundandround says:

0:35 I couldn’t see the claimed shift to the right in her double legged power squat.

Idkaname3829 says:

Idk if you reply to old comments, but I have the same problem can squat fine but pistol squats kill my left knee, but last September I had an accident where a heavy object fell on my leg caused a bruised femur broken tibia what they told me was pretty much like a temporary paralysis of the quad torn meniscus and torn acl. Had surgery in December now 6.5 months out and cleared from the doctor after 5 months. I realized I still get a sharp knee pain at around the same time this lady had when doing pistol squats. Even if I’m walking up a later or really steep stairs I can feel it. It’s actually to the point if I’m walking down steep stairs I have to always lead with my left leg going down first cause the little pistol squat movement you have to do to bend and reach the next stair is to much on my left leg to do. So now even just out of habit If it’s steep stairs I bend down with my right step down with my left than bring my right leg to down to my left and repeat. Never had the problem before hand used to do pistol squats all the time with my left leg.

Charlie Harris says:

So useful! Thanks so much

Benjamin Chung says:

be careful wrong form will injure the meniscus….deep flexion pistol squats can injure meniscus giving knee problems later in life….

Christian Davis says:

All our problems can be solved with Google! I love life!

Nikola Tesla1943EE says:

I need to be touched like that. 🙁

channel1 says:

I love the way you give instructions.
I wish be one of your students.
Are you in usa?

Business Manager says:

Where are you located?

marcos murcia says:

soy tu fan nº 1 te quieroooooooooooo <3

marcos murcia says:

que clse mas guapa bro me mola tu contenido wey

Adrian Stefan says:

I think I have weak medial glutes too, overworking TFL and adductors. My left knee hurts and the TFL and adductors are much bigger on the left side comlared to the right. Sometimes my right ITB gets sore and painful too after squats. I noticed I do shift sometimes my squats. Pain lateral side of the knee. I'll give it a try cus it's been 3 months of pain already. Thanks!

Bardia Fereidooni says:

I’ll be coming to see you from California soon. Just spoke to your office today.

patti king says:

How many times a week would she have to do those exercises

Orwi Malonda says:

Amazing 👍❤️

Sh DW says:

What do you think about reverse nordic exercise? I think i f*cked up my knees doing it..

Dennis Manicani Jr. says:

Started experiencing pain on my knee during pistol 3 months ago. I use a knee compressor so it won't hurt when doing pistols but I wish it didn't hurt.

tim weber says:

So, how does the facemask help my knees?

Oliver Thor Collington says:

Definitely a win for the client AND the fitness professional. I'm sure it felt great for you to help her realize the issue and a solution that amount of time. Efficiency and effectiveness. Thank you for sharing

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