Diet changes in patients who have inflammation and their hands | Dr. Brutus, Hand Surgeon

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Why do you recommend diet changes in patients who have inflammation and their hands like with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, trigger finger or carpal tunnel syndrome?


Max payne says:

Is orange juice ok or too sugary?

Kristina A says:

The Gerson therapy cures many cancers, it’s 6K to stay at their clinic a week but they have programs that you can do everything from home. They use the natural healing of the body but give 14 fresh juices a day, coffee enemas several times a day, etc. it works!!

Amanda says:

This is exactly why I do not drink alcohol. People don’t understand just how much sugar is in it.

OM L says:

Great video. Thank you for sharing.

Rossana Lombardo says:

Dr. Jean-Paul I have slight arthritis in my left hand, I stopped eating sugar, dairy but I must say I have to have my Pasta on Sunday as I'm am Italian and its just hard to give that up…. but everything else I have stopped. Its been only 1 week but I am determined to continue cutting out the foods you have mentioned. Hopefully I will get some relief in the next few weeks as my hands are how I make my living. Thank you for the advise. 😊🇨🇦

Lizzy precious says:

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Z7788 says:

Medical medium’s diet is pretty good. I don’t have RA but I was scared that I might got it because I had high CRP and IgE and joint pains so I started drinking celery juice and eat mostly fruits and veggies so pain went away. Also I’d cut on caffeine. Not even mentioning my glowing skin and much more energy on this diet. Now I consider going on plant based diet. Can’t believe my then favorite food was causing the pain. They say “only eat food that loves you back”, or “let food be your medicine”

Charlotte Casey says:

I did follow the herbal treatment of Dr. Ogudugu on YouTube and I’m healthy again. Dr. Ogudugu just like Dr. Sebi, blessed memory。

SarahSmiles 4u says:

I have some neuropathy and it's attacking my hands and feet. I am saving this clip and others that are similar. I am sick of pills and my own lack of education or more a excuse to not eat better. I guess I finally reached my limit of pain management and I am now willing to try a better way of eating. ✌️

Nirmala Nemmani says:

Thank you so much for your valuable information videos! You doctors are live god 🙏 god bless you!

Alex Gorron says:

So my mom has followed an Asian diet with greens and lots of vegetables but suffers from rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, the only time she is doing better is on steroids, but they won't keep her on it long. She's only in her 40s, but walks around like an elderly person sometimes but it mostly affects her hands, they get locked up too in contorted, stiff ways.. any suggestions for her?😐

Dolly M. says:

Eat a lot of greens and supplements
Fried foods
Refined sugar

Ерлан А. says:

Those who suffer from chronic diseases are first of all super-emotional, super-responsible (they remember themselves last), anxious and perfectionists, they cannot find peace in their souls! There is no balance in the autonomic nervous system between relaxation and excitation, in sick people constant excitation prevails, as a consequence the body muscles contract, organs spasm, this contraction does not allow a normal course of all biological processes: energy and blood flow in the body, stagnation occurs and then starving cells!  Spasmed organs-filters (kidneys, liver) can not fully withdraw products of the body, which leads to intoxication of the body! The digestive organs do not excrete enough digestive enzymes, hence dysbacteriosis and sibrosis. As a result of tension of the body muscles, problems with the spine and joints begin (the muscles begin to twist, squeeze the joints of the body, the gap between the joints begins to decrease, which leads to arthritis, arthrosis). Stress often releases stress hormones into the blood: adrenaline, cortisol – which increase heart rate, increase sugar, constriction of blood vessels (capillaries), increase pressure, weak digestion and it all depletes the body and immunity (as we are not a sterile body, as a result of body slagging, no deterrent factor in the form of immunity, fungi and pathogenic bacteria begin to multiply) and people fall ill!
Disease-causing bacteria and fungi: they are not bad and not good, they are scavengers and begin to multiply when the organism is heavily polluted!

       Until you deal with your negative thoughts and anxiety, this vicious circle will repeat itself constantly! A diet, pills and everything else just relieves symptoms and the root cause that turned the flywheel, which led to the disease is your THINKING!!!! 

Consciousness (mind, excitement) is the parent (life experience), always wants to control everything, to know everything and learn!
   Subconsciousness(soul, relaxation) is a little fidget – a child, always needs a sense of happiness, holidays here and now!
   Body health, depends on these 2 factors: the parent (consciousness-excitement) and the child (subconscious-relaxation), if there is peace and harmony between them, there will be health!!!

We remove blocks in the head> the nervous and hormonal system comes into balance > the muscles of the organs and body are relaxed > the metabolism, blood circulation is restored > we start to heal!

"If you are depressed, it means you are living in the past. If you are anxious, then you are living in the future. If you are at peace, then "you are living in the present."
                                         Lao Tzu

Illness is repressed emotion, leads to: "muscular tension syndrome," and "oxygen starvation of the body's cells."
                                  John Sarno

Diets for the time of healing (3-8 weeks), according to body type: 
1) Obese and medium build – raw food with vegetative products with low glycemic index: greens and vegetables.
2) slim – AIP diet (autoimmune protocol) and keto diet.
Ratio of products at one meal, for the first time: greens, vegetables – 70%, proteins – 20%, fats – 10%

Get tested for hemoglobin and vitamins B12, D3. Lack of B12, D3, can cause inflammation in the body and weakness! Deficiencies of these vitamins, will probably lead to diet failures!

Why does the basis of the diet in these diets go for plant foods: greens and vegetables…? First: low glycemic index(fungi and pathogens, eat all kinds of sugars: lactose – dairy products, fructose – fruit, and regular sugars – processed foods). Second, raw plant foods with a low glycemic index, are easy to digest and nourish our friendly microflora, and keep our gut clean at all times.

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Jennie Bigley says:

Diagnosed with impingement in hip socket, very painful. Thank you for your video. I began extracting the juice from organic vegs as you advised. I am feeling better after only 2 days. Thank you! I stopped the ibuprofen my Dr prescribed. I gave away my dairy & eggs to neighbor & bought GF oats to make over night oats.
I can feel already that I am going to recover my health now. Your video got right to the truth. I am following you.

Pip says:

I have psoriatic arthritis and osteo arthritis very badly in my feet and hands ankles and knees. I have just finished a 7 day fast and today I was astounded that I have no pain or stiffness in my fingers or aching in my ankles. The knee is beyond hope; just waiting for knee replacement, but everywhere else is much improved. Took all the supplements of turmeric, vitamin d, zinc and selenium and salt on the tongue with lots of water, green tea and coffee (for potassium) and I feel GREAT!!! Plus, I also lost 10 lbs. I'm staying on this for 30 days and hope to lose another 30lb in time for my knee surgery. Thank you for bringing up the very important need to eat well and avoid garbage.

Lamont Cranston says:

"Don't eat fruit" he says. "Too much sugar". Next point – "Drink fruit juice."

Lamont Cranston says:

Back away from the camera – please.

Caroline Stagg says:

Twixt a rock and a hard place… I am allergic to all tree nuts!

Paul Toner says:

Your advice on foods is bang on.Its great to hear Doctors steering away from a pill for every ill

Jay Man says:

so basically a keto diet is best for this pain

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