Castaways | Malinda #shorts

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Wind says:

Why was there only one comment before this

Sadie:b says:

Why is this actually very creepy-

Randall Limburg says:

Voice of an Angel.

Don Hunt says:

Amazingly hypnotic

Julio Fernandez says:

Qué hermosa voz

Лис13 Лис says:

Ох ххх… Ну, русские поняли..
И от этого голоса я в ахуе.. 👏👏👏

• I drove my truck into your front door 😊 says:

Am I the only one who remembers the parody’s that she made with google translate like fight with strangers or the Hamilton and Moana ones and the cooking ones

Mr Proper Gander says:

If there's a Heaven I hope the angels look like her 😁

Andreina Sabatini says:

Perfect for summoning the Dragon.

Angel Rodriguez says:

My wife is actually getting jealous 😳

Javier Mijares says:

Beautiful VOICE. 😍 Beautiful SINGER..

Richard Norton says:

So beautiful

Hawkpelt94 says:

Your voice is absolutely enchanting <3

Maurice DeGroff says:

Beautiful I would like to see a longer song

Jesse Stewart says:

What a voice.

Luis José Moreira Pinheiro says:

The little laugh at the end 😍😍😍

Ryan Dye-r says:

❤️ 🎵🎶

Joseph Bwire says:

It's a yes from me

Leo Lizarraga says:

I feel like I'm in a cult

☆Hannah☆ says:

This is giving me like movie trailer vibes

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