Best Shoulder Impingement Stretching Exercises (NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!)

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Dr. Rowe shows the best AT HOME shoulder impingement stretching exercises that require no special equipment!

Shoulder impingement, or rotator cuff tendonitis, is when inflammation builds from repetitive rubbing of the rotator cuff soft tissue inside the shoulder capsule.

This leads to decreased shoulder range of motion (especially overhead), pain, and tightness.

We’re going to focus on relieving this by stretching and strengthening the shoulder and rotator cuff, which may help reverse the affects of shoulder impingement.

All of these exercises can be done at home, don’t require any special equipment, and can give quick relief — even in as little as 30 SECONDS!

Watch now for the best shoulder impingement relief stretching exercises!

0:00 Intro
0:40 Windmills
3:15 Rotator Cuff Circuit
6:07 Weighted Arm Circles
7:53 Prone Lift-Off
9:52 Soup Can Angels


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SpineCare Decompression and Chiropractic Center says:

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kirk4Christ says:

Should i just focus on one of the exercises instead of doing them all at once

theblerdgurl says:

For that second one. I can't even get one of my hands in the starting position on the small of my back. No pain, just limited range of mobility there.😳

Andrej Polskij says:

Wow… Just wow. I have been struggling with shoulder impegement for about 15 years. It's my mistake not visiting doctor to confront it. I like to working out intensely and I had to avoid these specific shoulder movements. Pain levels rised with muscle mass. I started to follow excersizes from different YouTubers. Most of them are about strengthening back/ back shoulders. My posture got better but the pain stayed. And here I am. 40 minutes after these excersizes I finally feel almost relieved! Can't wait for results in a month.
Thank you, doctor!!!

D-Akh says:

He is definitely going heaven after all the people he's helped. Big love from London

Ash. B says:

You make life easier! Thank youu β€πŸ’―

Jay Burke says:

Great video thanks. These exercises really helped me in my recovery from a shoulder impingement injury which took some 7 months to recover from. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

Jay Burke says:

Great video thanks. These exercises really helped me in my recovery from a shoulder impingement injury which took some 7 months to recover from. πŸ™πŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

micky garcia says:

Thankss so much just had a subluxation in a game this helps a lot

Cindy Ropprichter says:

I remember many of these exercises from previous shoulder surgery that surgery physical therapy saved me a visit

MarkBarna1 says:

I had shoulder impingement from doing wide-arm pullups and probably age. I did most of these exercises in video and after about 2 months the impingement was mostly gone. I had tried other YouTube should impingement exercises and they did not work. Thanks!

Climate Change says:

Sir, God bless you. Thank you for this valuable information

meen28 says:

Dr. Rowe, you are good specialist in your field.

anna buat says:

Wow super sore on my bad shoulder! Can’t move my arm, any suggestions?? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

GM CH says:

I am so thankful for your so well prepared and helpful videos! Gracias πŸ™! DankeschΓΆnπŸ™!

Shawn Mather says:

How frequently should I be doing this series of stretches and exercises? I've had shoulder pain for more than 2 months related to an old volleyball serving injury and now from serving in tennis. This series is helping, but not 'fixing' my pain and mobility. For the past couple weeks I've done your series every other day. Should I do them every day? Several times per day?

Nicolle Germanotta says:

I always get shoulder impingement on my right. But my left arm is fine. Although I’m right dominated. I wonder why

Lorinda Fortuin says:

I really appreciate you giving all this info. God bless!

Jason Nguyen says:

Do we need to retract our shoulders during these exercises?

Sarcypants says:

Ive had shoulder pain for 4 years now. I can't get my left arm behind my back yet but going to keep trying. Waiting on an mri scan as my physio can't work out why my shoulder is so painful, stuck.

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