3 Exercises For Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

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In today’s video Dr.Oliver give you lots of info on shoulder impingement syndrome and exercises to help you ease the pain. Get 3 more posture exercises here: https://bit.ly/2GJs47Z

Check out our article on this topic: https://backintelligence.com/how-to-fix-shoulder-impingement/
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ASI tsunami says:

Information ℹ️

Christine Blackmore says:

I had bilateral knee replacements in February and now both shoulders hurt, especially my right. Understandably because I'm right handed. I'll try these exercises. Thank you!

gulcan yilmaz says:

I suffered both shoulders impingement over 3 years. Ended up having operations. Bone spur were the cause of it. I recommend people to have mri scan to ensure it’s not bone spur impingement. Also of course as exercises.

anna buat says:

Wow lm going to follow you , your exercises seem to be better than what lv been doing! I have so much pain, thank you 🙏😀

Ray Leeson says:

Great video…I’m nearly 70years old and I’m trying to improve my back muscles with pull ups, this is possibly the root cause of my right shoulder impingement..
Will I be able to resume my push ups …pull ups etc….it’s hard to keep going when your shoulder gives you pain.

Gustava V says:

it fakkin hurts

Gabriel Goopar says:

What study diagnoses this? I just had a bunch of MRI and X-Rays and they showed allegedlly nothing, yet I feel pain like im dying I just cant feel like living anymore.

Silver Mont says:

Thanks so much Dr 👨‍⚕️ I’m in pain too read bellow

Silver Mont says:

Yes I have that impingement on my left arm, used to swim a lot b4 pandemic and do all kind of exercises too, plus I’m a HD by trade so my arm is where I hold the dryer, I was good until one day I went swimming and grocery shopping afterwards. When I was opening door age of my shoe got stacked on bottom edge and had a bag in my left arm and pushed it back with it to open door to release my shoe. I felt a strong internal pinch but just robbed it after to alleviate the shoulder pain. The next day felt not great , i searched for help in yt and did the exercises but the following day my area got swollen uncomfortable 🥵 it got inflamed. I put ice just then. It’s been 3 months now and doesn’t seem to go away. Went to the physiotherapist gave me ultrasound and suggested few exercises too. Also went to an RMT and cupping too. So now I do my exercises slowly and it seems to relives pain a bit I open my arm a bit up but just when I had just done the exercises. It comes back again .so my Q is ? Will I get better ,cure it or is it gonna become chronic? Suggestion anyone similar to my case? Thanks for reading! Oh btw, I’m still working and using that arm but that doesn’t seem to get in the way .yes it’s repetitive movement that maybe affects that impingement area!? I f I don’t work I don’t eat 😝 so it’s hard but need help bc I really enjoy swimming .

Paul1828 says:

Hi , I've been told i have impinged shoulder but i also have occasional mild tingling in my left thumb , fore finger and middle finger as well as pain in my shoulder . Are there different exercises for this ….?

potential2themax says:

Let this be the first video, for your shoulder. Then view all the others for rehab & exercises.

Places I Have Been says:

Good tips, I recently pulled my arm during hiking and followed a set of physiotherapy exercises with weights and bands which helped me a lot. Thanks 🙏

iannickCZ says:

3 years with impingement…so far without any major change (even with surgery)

Wael Wael says:

Hey doc i have corocoacromial lig impentgmet. Is it the same syndrom??

Santi Roberts says:

Thank you. I kept waiting for the shoulder to heal itself and it seems like it's not going to happen, so I will definitely try these exercises and hope for the best. It's already been 3 months with this annoying pain.

Havisham1 says:

Very effective exercises, thank you! Do you have a video for tennis elbow? I've looked through your videos but I couldn't see one. Please create one if not, as I am currently suffering from forearm pain, and clearly you know what you're talking about 👍

Jennifer Johannsen says:

I've had PT for double shoulder impingement and they still are very painful. These ideas Dr. Oliver gives are an excellent start. They can help immediately for pain. I need to find what more I can do. I'll look through his videos. Thank you Dr. Oliver!

Seekthetruth3000 says:

Good info. Thanks.

Gaming_Videos xX says:

If I have shoulder impengment is baseball or push-ups bad to keep doing?

Hugh Valentine says:

Very good Communicator.

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