Why Your Knees Hurt As You Age (and How to Fix It)

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Why do your knees hurt as you get older? Is it knee osteoarthritis? Is it from running too much? Find out why your knees hurt and how to fix knee pain in this video.

00:00 Intro
03:36 How to Fix Knee Pain
05:09. Exercise #1
07:50 Exercise #2
11:15 Summary of Exercises
11:38 Medical advice to rest + More Resources
12:04 Closing

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Matt Hsu’s own battle with chronic pain from the age of 16 in his feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and head gives him a uniquely thorough understanding of musculoskeletal pain, the ways in which it can undermine an entire life, and the mental and physical hurdles that keep people from getting out of it.

When not filming videos, he’s working out in the living room, surfing, learning dance or gymnastics moves, or riding a bike with his son in tow.

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Learn how to relieve knee pain as you get older. Knee pain from old age isn’t from overuse. It’s from UNDERuse. In this video you’ll learn simple exercises for knee pain that will help you relieve knee pain and strengthen your knees safely and gradually.

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Upright Health says:

What was your favorite part of this video? Drop me a comment!👇

Be sure to strengthen your knees for the Asian squat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4tns1FkcFQ&t=1s

Ken Shields says:

he says you get a real job and your sitting all day well that tells me he never work on building site or as a builder or whatever he is full of it as you get older your bones weaken full stop

JJ Jones says:

During my office life, I learned quickly to never use the elevator & use inter-office messages less often. Any excuse to walk & use the stairs.

Michael Schuenemann says:

Eat Fatty Fish like Tuna – Sardines and Salmon – the Omega Oil has healed my Knee Problem as Omega is the only Oil that lubricates the Knee and other Joints in the Body – but never stop eating Fish – keep on going – I am 78 Year !!!!

barry carleton says:

Hi, thank you, i had a new left knee about 4 years ago because there was no cartilages, the other one needs replacing but the experience has turned me off going thro it again.
I do not have arthritis, just cartilage damage, bone to bone very painful. I am male aged 82

Paul Lewis says:

Wow so gave this ago last night my knee already feels so much better many thank you sir 🙏

John Simpson says:

would cycling help?

Gloria Sandy says:

The favorite part was exercising the hamstrings.

Gloria Sandy says:

Thanks so much for these exercise tips. I'm 76 and sit for long hours. Will begin to exercise my knees. Thanks again! 👍

yerbiggdady says:

Just get to the POINT , stop with the siLLy babbLe nonsense .

T Sm says:

I know a 94 year old who drives his car and walks everywhere. He has no knee problems. (btw he is not overweight.)

Dawn Scott Chambers says:

I thank you for the information because I can hardly walk I am going to try it

Katia Snr says:

Pounds? And there I thought that you re Asian. Not another US person.

A Singh says:

If you have dodgy knees…at all costs avoid modern spongy sneakers/trainers/shoes. The provide very dodgy feedback to the feet re. Walking or running …which then affects your knees and hips. Go barefoot as much as you can or with minimal soles.

Mark Dawson says:

He is incorrect.
Running can and will cause knee pain.
Keep walking.

Vanessa Tobias says:

Lovely boy! I’m 54 y/o loved how you explain the reason of knee pain and how to solve it.

Marquee Mark says:

You might even try collagen it really works.. I am 64 and had a stroke with one bad knee. Dr said you need this replacement but I ignored him. I started drinking collagen peptide and guess what no more pain .. I run 1.5 miles on a machine!

Rhoda Ronquillo says:

So slow talk talk

pauline chapman says:

This took sooo long to get to the gist of the knee problem..🇨🇦

Dan Duram says:

Does anything good come from Africa!

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