Top 10 Grandparents You Won't Believe Exist – People Who Don't Age #3

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Top 10 Grandparents You Won’t Believe Exist – People Who Don’t Age #3
What flies into your psyche when you hear “grandmother” or “granddad”? You presumably envision an old individual with silver hair, going through their days at home, tackling crossword puzzles, sitting in front of the TV, dealing with their plants and all old business. While we like their jobs in our lives, the majority of them aren’t actually what we would think about cool. Truly, they simply don’t look that old. Yet, in this video we’ll show you Top 10 Grandparents You Won’t Believe Exist | People Who Don’t Age
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All Evangelist Christians Suck says:

Edson looks ridiculous

David Clark says:

Absolutely brilliant and inspiring. Thanks!

Joe Goodwill says:

I am confused. There are more than 7.8 billion human beings on planet earth. So how come you could not find one to narrate this video? Was this video made on another planet?

Deanie Smith says:

All so superficial…………they all do body building?? Just not necessary 🤔

ss says:

Seems there are not enough sian and black role model fit people out there what a Shame

Dejan Jovanovic says:

where is Petar Celik in this video???

D R says:

The sooner we get rid of limitations around age the better life will be!

Dale Val says:

Im the same age as Leslie,she looks ripped, im 6.4, 290 lb and 19 " arms, never say never, age is a number.

Upto Me says:

This people look amazing but there is a lot of bs and lies here in sone cases…

PriusTech says:

That 87 years old guy is phenomenal. Most men his age are in nursing homes. Wow I wish I could be like him

Cathode Ray says:

I can see it now. A neighborhood bully asking, "What? Are you going to go crying to your mother?" … "No, I'm going to tell Grandpa!"

Anthony Boyle says:

Enjoyed the video, physical exercise I've done since 14 now 57 like pyramid traing with cycling swimming still feel Hoathly as ever not as dedicated to diet like these guys.

Chrishagen says:

TRT guys. It will make you feel 25 again.

Forever Young says:

You missed Ernestine Shepard! The woman looks amazing and pushing 90! She should be the oldest female bodybuilder in the world now.

Magnus Engen says:

Since I started using Myfitnesspal, I don't get the deal with eating one hundred percent "clean" anymore. It is all about having a slight surplus of protein and having a slight caloric deficit to gain muscle and lose fat. "No junk food". Why torture ourselves? I actually enjoy "cheat meals" more now when I have control over my calories. I don't eat them every day, but I don't have a "cheat day" as long as it fits my calories. Counting calories have actually made my life easier. No guilt from eating a little bit of junk, but mostly eating healthy whole foods. That is still at least 85-90 percent of my diet.

Dan Opus says:

1 John 2:15-16KJV


Sir you forgot Mr Milind Soman from India. He is a triathlon winner passed age 50.

Will Hart says:

Time and age is everything. I was pretty buff at 55, not at 75 though and I didn't quit what had kept me fit. Stuff happens as our bodies naturally decline. Also, that guy does steroids it appears to me. You just don't get that much muscle without them. That's cheating at that age to me, but not later when you drop below the low lowest level after 65. The lady, I don't know. I respect her a lot for her hard work but cannot say I find her attractive with all that muscle.

Young TC says:

THESE MF'S are up here looking like Master Roshi from Dragonball Z… after he takes his shirt off and gets all pumped up 🤔

Young TC says:

That 1st guy doesn't like he's in his 50's AT ALL.. I REALLY don't understand it!! HOW he can look so damn young? He looks like he's in his 30's…Are there any lies being told here? Something just doesn't seem right about that one… If he's COMPLETELY legit and not lying about his age, and he hasn't had any surgical help, my fuckin mind would be BLOWN…. I'd try to figure out what he eats and how his exercise routine is, and emulate that

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