Shoulder Exercises for Seniors

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DISCLAIMER: Though this exercise video was created to be safe and effective, any use of this exercise video assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing these exercises or utilizing suggested equipment. Remember, we are all different. Always consult your doctor before undertaking a new exercise program like this one.


Mailoan Nguyen says:

Thank you, this exercise helped me with shoulder pain.

Vincent T says:

Thank you for the videos! I've been getting my dad to exercise. He's 67, but not in very good shape. Your videos are just what I needed!

Omar Najim says:

thanks alot, i am gonna tell my mum to do so

k claeys says:

Doug, I use your exercises almost everyday. They're great for an 81 yr old. Keep up the good work.

Peter Judson says:

Thanks much!

adorable3006 says:

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Sue says:

Thanks Doug good exercises, from London UK

Gill H. says:

Thank you from UK.

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