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Today’s video is about facial exercises and facial yoga for anti-aging.
Alam M et al. Association of Facial Exercise With the Appearance of Aging. JAMA Dermatol. 2018. 154(3):365-367.

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Thea Thea says:

Dr. Dray check out Facerobics here on YouTube by Peta from Australia.

Laura Naomi says:

Do you have any advice about how to protect your skin if you are doing hot yoga? I read online it can damage the skin much like UV rays

Simon says:

What about facial movements causing wrinkles? Shouldn't we avoid contracting the muscles in a way that puts pressure on the collagen layer beneath?

Catherine Young says:

Just pulled out my Eva Frazer facial workout book. Tried before but stopped due to lack of time, but need to do it now as I’m seeing sagging. Taken before photos will try to keep at it a few months to see the difference.

Jennifer Green says:

Are you wearing a thick sunscreen? Your face looks very white. Js..

Brooke Bailey says:

May I please ask your age

Anna Campbell says:

Boring, wanted to see some yoga exercises

mars girl says:

I have been using regular face yoga facial excercise for early onset of turkey neck. It is working. The skin around my jaw area has become less saggy. It's few minutes every other day. I am very happy with results

Amanda Hyde says:

What a waste of time

Jordan Sparks says:

SO WEIRD I was just about to comment on one of your videos asking if you do or have ever talked about Facial Exercises and then I find this video 30 seconds later!

Jessica Ferreira Coury says:

That was actually a surprise to learn that facial exercises can be helpful! I always had a feeling that it would end up causing more wrinkle problems because you keep making faces and stretching your face, and I always thought that makes more wrinkles. But i don't have any knowledge whatsoever about skincare and the science behind it so it was merely a feeling I had. But now I'm gonna try and look into it a bit more

Andrea Muñoz says:


Marian Pirtle says:

Can you elaborate on other less invasive facial tightening procedures you eluded to in this video that are alternatives to facelift? Thanks

Denise Mezynski says:

There are a few older books that were written in I believe the 40 – 60s and one man was first to do facial exercise. He had excellent results, had very few wrinkles.

Cindy Herr says:

What is your opinion on Gua Sha?

Valentine says:

Let me save your time:
-No facial exercise or technnique in this video.
-Talks about only study on facial yoga that just proved increment in cheek muscles after 20 weeks of training, no change in other part.

Kimberly Johnson Pemberton says:

I’m theory wouldn’t the nuface product do this?

3mrch says:

junk youtube video. you don't have to make a video about everything. this is just clutter

Silvia Fernández says:

I've been training my cheeks for two months and I've noticed fuller cheeks. Actually I hadn't notice it but someone that I hadn't seen for a long time and that had no idea of my cheeks training told me that my cheeks were rounded and fuller. Then, I compared before and after photos and noticed huge difference.

Rachel Zamstein says:

Girl I need an eyebrow lift so I can Look like my filter.

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