Face Yoga for Skin Tightening | 5 Exercises For Anti Ageing | Yoga With Mansi | Fit Tak

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We all want glowing & young skin. With the help of these face yoga exercises get glowing, firm and wrinkle free skin.

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Aeyman Afrin says:

After loosing weight my skin is so loose and it is having wrinkles does it work

Laila Chiney says:

Thank you 🙏 helpful

hiral pandya says:

How much time do every exsersize

Nillmoni Biswas says:

Soo Good mam

Unknown Peoples. says:

How many times to repaet these 5 exercise

Kriti Khurana says:

While making the balloon pose…do we have to keep breathing or hold it ???

Ankit Arya says:

नमस्कार mansi जी । 🙏

जी मेरी ear surgery हुई है । तो क्या face योग मेरे लिए ठीक रहेगा ?
क्या face योग का ear drum पर कोई असर तो नहीं पड़ेगा ना ?
कृपया बताएं । 🙏

Conceptual History says:

Very good experience after doing ds…. thank you

Komal Trivedi says:

Your exercises are so effective and Just loving to do all as it helps to reduce stress also..thank you so much..I follow your exercises on regular basis.

Jashna Mehta says:

Ma'am ,when your face yoga classes next batch starts ?
Eagerly waiting for it 🙏

Karim Khan says:

Mam mere neck pe boht swelling rehti h uske lye khuch bataye

Nagma Khan says:

Mam my face skin is loosing my age is 30

Komal Trivedi says:

Your asanas are so helpful. Thank you.

Lovepreet Singh says:

Afcourse facial exercise has a lot of benefits for the skin but havig neem capsules with it makes your skin super gorgeous . I am using the product from planet ayurveda and trust me its amazing for the skin no side effects , 100 % herbal guys .

Vianney Mary says:

How many times should we do it?

Richa Sharma says:

Face Wrinkles k lye Kya kre

Vishalakshisandeep sandeep says:

Mam please tell me a face yoga to get rid of scar on face

Ilyas Sharief IBC says:

Korean Anti Ageing Technique

Debolina Chatterjee says:

22 year's can do this yogas


Mansi mam yoga start kar ne ke kuch dino bad mere front ke teeth mein pain ho ra raha hey . Please give solution . Please.

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