8 Exercises To Prevent Runner's Knee! | Stop Knee Pain From Running

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Runner’s knee, well it’s a pain in the knee that we’d all rather not have! It can be very frustrating being out with injury, Heather has got 8 exercises that can all help you keep that dreaded runner’s knee at bay!

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Tadej Danev says:

heya what's called the thing at 3:55? thanks

Amar Toplić says:

Do you recommend doing these exercises after a run or in the days between the runs?

LordShibuya says:

Suffering from pretty bad knee pain after a 10mi run and these exercises are doing wonders. Up/down the stairs without limping.

DariusMaximilian says:

I used to have knee pain until I came across the first four exercises you demonstrate. They work. I now do them three times a week along with some calf strengthening exercises.

Karina Niskanen says:

I really thought that runner's knee was the pain on the outside of the knee.

Sven Vbl says:

Are regular barbell squats okay as well? (thinking double whammy here)

And how are you liking the on-shoes?

igortaa taras says:

I had this injury. Exercices you mention really helped me a lot. In recovery phase I was focusing on ,,running from glutes'' or ,,high hips'', (i hope you understand me 😉 ) an that was most crucial for me

Mark Challinor says:

Really helpful, thank you. My knee pain has flared up recently so these exercises will hopefully help.


great video like always……

Simba says:

you saved my life

Diego Lange says:

Currently recovering from one with a series of exercises like yours and Physiotherapy. Focusing on Stability, core strength, high cadence and arm movement back and forth during running to prevent it from reappearing. One comment: I thought the runner’s knew refers to the ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome), which is what I had. Strong pain on the outer side of the knee as if it was the meniscus.

KB Odonnell says:

Have it at the minute stopping me from doing everything been at the doctors and physio , videos a great help 👍🏻

Chris Panther says:

Injured at the moment and loved this video. I am having hip pain, tendinopathy in glutes but do also have knee pain so I am hoping these exercises will help both issues.

Surir says:

1:32 Banded Side Step 10+10 x2-3

2:12 Side Lying Clams 12-15 x2

3:09 Standing Hip Hitches 12 x2

4:20 Single Hip Bridge 8 x2-3

5:32 Isometric Contraction 10

6:04 Wall Squat 8 x3

7:18 Quad Stretch 30s+

8:07 Lounge Stretch 30s+


Hey, will you marry me?????

SeaLotus says:

I’ve been looking for videos like this to help me get more ideas for exercises! Thank you!

Ivan Matić says:

Having struggled with runner's knee for a few years now, I can recommend another great exercise that my therapist gave me and that's been an absolute life-saver: from a natural standing position, keep your upper leg still, while you ''kick'' your heel back and up toward your bottom – switch from leg to leg and do 50 on both sides each day. It may sound strange, but the results are amazing and will show in less then a month. It took me from not being able to run a 5k due to the excruciating pain to being able to run a half marathon without much trouble.

Barret Waltz says:

As far as poor alignment and exercises to fix it, I find when I'm tired towards the end of runs I hit the opposite ankle as I swing my leg forward more often. I take it that meant my legs are swinging in more as I get tired. Which muscles do I need to work on and which exercises work for that?

abdallah 2000_1 says:

My knees are bad

Deadbuck73 says:

I’ve had it… a bit over a year ago… took some time off from running and went to physical therapy for a while… built up the surrounding and supporting muscles and in time I was back at it… it hurt like heck for awhile… but it gets better…

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