The Undying Golem🌐

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Pirate Hunter says:

Gained his strength back after seeing his brother

Black Saber Gaming says:


Ileana Febo says:

Bro used a totem of undying

Linus Olsson says:

Aka mid ladder

IDTEFY says:

“I always come back”

Lucas Hemler says:

The golem had pass royal

Baran Demir says:

Bro buth pass royale

First Fractal says:

11 heal spirits not fully healing the golem scares me. The fact that it gives you the option to mirror the card for 2 elixir because it does basically nothing is about as stupid ad my math grades.

Andrew Parra says:

Bro that's ggs ☠️☠️

Matias Konda says:

That golem healed faster than me in bed

kondziowskyyy says:

golem of undying

Dariusx7 says:

How did you got so many heal spirits

iheartgojo says:

this proves that spear goblins need a buff

JozefIsTall says:

This is how 2 heal spells used to work..

Filip Supek says:

That's ísť heal!

OveratedAndrew says:

Bro had a totem of undying

UncannyCat_ Productions says:

The heal spirit is good don't get me wrong, but they need to bring back the heal spell

Ascagne YT says:

Cool + 1 subscriber a

Be Calm says:


Change says:

Anime protagonist boost!!

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