President Trump Loses the Tax Return Battle | LegalEagle’s Law Review

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The Supreme Court rejects President Trump’s claim of absolute immunity. When do we see his taxes? Get CuriosityStream AND Nebula for less than $15 per year (26% off!)

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LegalEagle says:

⚖️ What should I cover next?
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Jeff says:

Shocking just another Trump bashing liberal

Lord Ba'al says:

The fact I can't have a security clearance without a clean background and no shady outstanding debts but I could become president… that seems… logical.

Kae says:

This whole mess reminds me uncannily closely of Julius Caesar's quest to maintain imperium and avoid legal consequences for his various illegal acts as consul

Boyan Kovachev says:


blackgard32 says:

Not suprised

jeffm9770 says:

"President Trump can't tell those third parties they can't respond" fast forward to 2021. President Trump claims executive privilege and tells third parties they can't respond to subpoenas.

Ignition [FR] n2 says:

2:55 – Chapter 1 – A tale of two cases
5:50 – Chapter 2 – SCOTUS cases
19:25 – End roll ads

Glaciergirl V2 says:

His loan is as small as my ass. e.e

Kiltmaster says:

Trump has been illegally withholding his tax returns for years.
I am not optimistic that he will be handing them over this time, either.

Cliff Vick says:

Love your channel, but one criticism: pronunciation of “Pulitzer” is “pull-it-sir” not “pewl-it-zer”. Otherwise- keep up the great work on your great channel!

Lon Brooklyn says:

So much time has passed since he lost his bid to keep taxes hidden now and yet there are no charges!Hmm!

The Mayor of Haines City says:

This reminds me Julius Caesar

Eros says:

Which video do you mention the cancer charity?

J P says:

Yeah hes not the one that I would worried about he the only politician that actually lose money while holding office.
Let's see Nancy Pelosi's tax return how did she earn a 100 million dollars while holding a job only pays $200,000 a year? Which if you asked me is far more than any of these people are worth.

The so called covert relief bill why did she get 8 million dollars cut why did these politicians get a $50,000 bonus on the 1st Stimulus bill not one of them lost their checks.

Fabiana Alves-Tapp says:

I have trouble thinking about how Historians and teachers will explain the how and the why the same party who impeached a president for lying about an affair is also against the same procedure when another president instigates people to invaded the Houses. Crazy stuff!

HC Denton says:

Objection (sort of): Since I recently found your channel on youtube it has started to become one of my favorite ones and I'm trying to watch every old video and certainly every new one that you release. I would love to become a subscriber to these other services you mention and get even more of your content. However, as I see it those platforms impose Digital Restriction Management on all of their content which is something I deeply object to because it violates my right to use any content I've paid for in any way I see fit as long as I don't violate the copyright law. DRM, however, imposes restrictions that go much further, barring me, for example, to view the content without a working internet connection or indeed playing on any device I see fit that is not "approved" by the content providing platform. If you could find a way to release your content in a freedom respecting file format, such that it becomes viewable with freedom respecting operating systems and media players (like the VLC video player), that'd be awesome and would certainly give me a huge incentive to purchase a subscription to your additional content.

Zero Cool says:

Trump is guilty no doubt about it.Should be in jail just like all the trump family members.

desihaha says:

I believe that in any democracy, it must be mandated that each candidates background check and tax records are clean and in compliance’s of existing constitution, it’s preamble, rule of laws, and ethos of administration. No one should be above the law in any manner whatsoever.

Bob Pierce says:

He paid 972 million dollars with his 10 billion worth who cares he doesn't break any laws only straight up real deal man

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