How Stretching Can Make Your Sciatic Pain Worse | w/ Portland Chiropractor Dr. Carl Baird

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Have you been told you have sciatica? The word ‘Sciatica’ has become an over generalized term that has come to refer to ANY sort of back and leg pain. The problem is that there are A LOT of things that can cause back and leg pain. In fact, MAJORITY of what people call sciatic pain’ isn’t caused by your sciatic nerve at all. This confusion leads people to scour the internet for the best sciatic pain stretches, unaware that there are many conditions that stretching sciatic pain can actually make your pain WORSE.

In this video, Portland Sciatic Pain Specialist Dr. Carl Baird discusses different causes of sciatic pain and how stretching can make your sciatic pain worse.

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Mary Anderson says:

Do you have a video on solving piriformis without stretching? I think stretching makes it worse. I’ve worked through all my other issues since surgery but still find sitting a challenge although it’s better and I’m pretty sure it’s piriformis. I realized after stopping the figure 4 stretch and other piriformis stretches that I can sit better.

William Clark says:

Do you have an M.D.? Just curious

Anahita Garman says:

Can it be both disk herniation and Piriformis-sciatica? I have both pains- a lumbar CT showed L4/5 generalized disk hernia, narrowing of spinal canal in that area qnd bilateral facet joint arthopathy in l5/S1. Three months into onset of symptoms, have tried chiropractor who refused to treat after 4 sessions,15 physiotherapy sessions and messages, qndy pain has gotten worse . Doctors haven't figured out what to do, and referrals here and there is taking too long. I suspect I haven't helped myself by doing some exercises as you simply pointed out. What exercises or stretches are going to help me? I am tired of taking pain medications just to be able to sit or walk for a short while….

leene121 says:

I have herniated disc ans PT has being doing stretches and the girl stretches my leg all they way back should she being doing that ? Please help what should I be doing I am paying all Thai money and no relief ? Should I just do core exercises? Tia

Marina Shabanova says:

Thank you for your video. I am trying to figure out what is causing my back pain. Your video helps me to see the problem wider. Could you recommend me to see a doctor from your colleagues in the DC area that you know have the same view on this kind of pain. If I were in Portland I would definitely go to see you. Thank you.

qsks says:

Wish I knew this , I started doing piriformis stretches which made my sciatica way worse but felt good , now I’m suffering every day with a herniated disc.

a13thhour says:

I scoured the internet just to see who was saying what.

Your video was the first of hundreds to finally make sense.

Young people telling us older people to stretch it.

Mine requires surgery on L4 and S1.

No stretching. I’m 51.

Chiro has been adjusting me daily.

It’s twisted out to the right hip then up putting pressure on the sciatica.

wing shing kwong says:

I have L4L5 disc herniation with sciatica to the toes on both legs, right leg more severe as more disc bulge. I am receiving Mckenzie exercise treatment from physical therapist but the progress is not good. Last night, I do traction on my lumbar by chiropractor but the symptoms get worse. Can you tell me why ? Thank you

Somtirtha Maity says:

Very informative doctor ❤️

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