Achilles Rehab – Don't Confuse Heel Drop Exercises with Stretches!

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In this video, Maryke explains why you should not confuse the classic heel drop exercise that you do over the side of a step with a stretch. Their purpose is NOT to stretch the Achilles tendon or calf muscle.

Insertional Achilles tendinopathy needs a different approach altogether:

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Bill L says:

I watched several videos before this one, Maryke, and yours helped me understand the problem and the remedy very well. Thank you!

Gavin Cope says:

I was today years old when I learnt that stretching the crap out of my ankles was making my tendinopathy worse.

peter lee says:

For insertional achilles tendonitis, should heel drops be avoided or are they ok?

joseph croft says:

i was doing stretches thinking it would improve but it got worse the bone on my outer ankle was really painful at the last 3 inches during the night that i had to take 2 ibuprofen to get some sleep , i shall now just do flat heel raises ,

Akshaykumar Kamble says:

Thank you so much.

Akshaykumar Kamble says:

Shear wave elastography.

Will Pareto says:

Thank you. Very helpful nuance. It makes sense.

Steve's Rover says:

I’m getting on a bit but really happy I’m still playing competitive football. However, I’ve been worried my Achilles’ tendons might cause me to stop. Since discovering I need to build strength and not just stretch, I’ve felt massive improvement in my mobility and speed. Thank you!

susan stefan says:

Can you please make a video on strength training for Achilles tendonitis ?

MissJMP213 says:

Does that mean people with high arches will never acheive the Asian squat?

GOAski says:

I've been hanging off the step 2 -3 x per day. Feels somewhat better initially, but is not improving after a month, scheduled a Podiatrist visit.
Now I know why, thanks so much!

Sam Hollins says:

So is it a good idea to perform static stretching alongside a programme of eccentric heel drops?

Yolanda Croes says:

Your videos have been life savers, thank you so much. Little question: do you need to warm up before you do the heel drops?

4103 says:

thnk you very much u saved mydays

Nareen Beales says:

Was first team hockey but tore my Achilles this was a really a good video

jamal riyad says:

ma'am how are you. My right leg calf mousle very loss. I can't walk properly. I have been suffering since 5 years. I went to doctors. They have asked your disease MND. Now what can I do now. Please give me a advice.

John Crossley says:

Apologies. I have now looked on your website which has given me the answer.

John Crossley says:

Can you tell me please what are you're actual qualifications are? Thankyou

anatoli evseev says:

Excellent explanations – will check out your blogs!

farhan says:

I was going as low as possible thnx for the informative video

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