Single Best Knee Strengthening & Stretch exercises at Home. (Updated)

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Single Best Knee Strengthening & Stretch exercises at Home. (Updated)

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Bob and Brad demonstrate the best knee stretches and strengthening exercises for you to do at home. This is an updated video.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:19 Topic
1:26 Complete Strengthening Exercise
4:20 Strap Stretch
7:42 Giveaway

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Some of our astute followers have noticed me slurring my words. I am not drunk but working with Brad it would be justifiable. I had 6 infected cysts removed from my mouth (noncancerous) and I have residual scar tissue and numbness. I will try to do better. Thanks Bob.

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Steven Clarke says:

Great video can I use these exercises after full knee replacement

David says:

Bob and brads humor is on point, definitely comedians on the low

Terence Fynan says:

I do almost all the knee, carf, feet exercises, beause of the pain in my joints, which is of great benefit, but the down side to all this. the root of the pain is my blood pressure tables, which I will have to change again,but thank bob and Brad or Brad and bob for the exercises

Baa Bee Dee says:

a dog leash works really well on that hamstring stretch also

Roger Morin says:

Ive been watching for the last month..thank you for helping with the exercises

Moon Sun says:

07:08 "They are Karens" omg😂

beansrgd says:

This channel is plain fun- people in pain, ARE IN PAIN! So I’d rather stay home and appreciate their knowledge base and friendly FREE advice. It’s way better than a PT prescription for a place that usually just does the basic stuff. One comment mentioned that they love to talk; what’s wrong with uplifting encouragement??? Professional guys wanting to help : a perfect combination. Thanks Bob and Brad!

Inderjit Singh says:

My left knee hurt the most when left leg is behind during the lunge.

Kathy Clark says:

To use the bands are good for me because the first exercise Brad did was not one I can do, shall I say my knee can't do it lol. I'm gonna give the bands a try,thanks

Joyce Lawson says:

The dull regret peroperatively curve because walrus muhly tickle as a crazy felony. foamy, plausible beech


Could you demonstrate how this can be done after double knee replacement. Thank you for the informative videos..

sweta papa says:

Should we do it if we get knee pain while doing ..I get shooting pain when I lowerr the back leg

Alexandru Oprinca says:

I really like you guys, just commenting for the algorithm

Grim Reaper says:

8:11 I love how condescending this sounds!

Carol Shumaker says:

Have you done any videos on ankle replacement?


The Karen comment is hilarious!

Sheila Turchyn says:

Love it! Thank you. I'm always looking for exercises for my knees with osteoarthritis. This is a perfect one to do anywhere!

Ernesto Ramos Felipe says:

Thank you Bob and Brad. My favorite teachers. I am such fan!!! ❤️ If I could do anything to support you guys please know that I always will. 👊🏻Keep up the great work you guys.

Madhavan Gopalachari says:

i am 78. can i do these exercises

Colm Whateveryoulike says:

Quicklier is a word. What else could it be? It might not be in the dictionary but it's definitely a word.

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