Shoulder Blade Pain Relief – 4 Ways

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Learn 4 Ways to release your shoulder blade pain. For 3 more posture exercises go here:

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Philip Jarrett says:

I have shoulder blade pain everyday and these exercises help quickly. Thank you for your video.

Jennifer Longhurst says:

Love this. Helped me

crystal says:

If you have trouble placing the ball in the right place, put the ball in a sock.

etiopisk4life says:

Histotech lol

Taz Maniac says:

wow the self massage with the ball really is doing it for me thanks for the tip.

Nightwing says:

This really helped, thanks

Cj East says:

Watching this ,head tilted down and hunched backed πŸ™„

MaC says:

So helpful – thank you!

Deborah Hall says:

Awesome exercise for my shoulder blades.

Gaviota Casas says:

I couldn't do the bringing head down thing on the left side

Criss says:

the ball one did if for me

skyrim player says:

Thank God I ve found your video. I ve been having shoulder and neck pain for the past two days. And the exercises made me feel better already. Thank u and god bless you

gnani bhushan says:

With this pain i cant even breath properly.idnt know how to get relief

Krizztin says:

Thanks. Now i feel relief. πŸ₯°

Muna says:

I hit my shoulder blade on the bus pole while it was making a turn and woke up not even able to breathe without excruciating pain in my shoulder blade

serendibkandy says:

Thanks a lot this video really helped meπŸ’

serendibkandy says:

Thanks a lot this video really helped meπŸ’

Gustavo Hernandez says:

Shit dude this helped me fr!

Karishma Aradhya says:

Thanks a lot 😊 ❣ πŸ™ πŸ’“

The JAIZ says:

I just did this and with Gods grace I feel relief I was not walking nor turning my neck well thanks dear😍

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