How to Treat Bicep Tendonitis Streches And Exercises For Rehabilitation

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Bicep Tendonitis can be an infuriating injury which causes its sufferers pain and dysfunction in everyday life or during exercise. In todays video I break down what bicep tendonitis is, how to fix it and why you are doing the exercises I have chosen.

If you have pain in your upper arm or shoulder, you may have irritated your biceps tendon, a condition known as biceps tendonitis. The pain may limit your shoulder motion and make performing normal work and recreational tasks difficult or impossible. Physical therapy for biceps tendonitis can be helpful to decrease pain, improve shoulder strength and range of motion (ROM), and improve functional mobility and use of your arm.

Your biceps muscles are located in the front of your upper arms. They course from two heads (hence the name “biceps”) near your shoulder joint. The short head of the biceps arises from the coracoid process of your shoulder blade. The long head of the biceps originates from the supraglenoid tubercle of your shoulder joint and is encased in a synovial sheath. This sheath provides lubrication to the tendon and allows it to glide and slide normally in the front of your upper arm. The biceps muscle travels down your upper arm and inserts on the radial tuberosity of your forearm.

While the function of your biceps is to turn your forearm into a palm up position, it also works to help move your shoulder joint and assists the rotator cuff muscle group in stabilizing the front of your shoulder. Overloading of the biceps tendon at your shoulder or elbow may cause biceps tendonitis.

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Wonderfully explained! Great job and thanks! Plan to do this whole regimen for 4-8 weeks.

Bob Fish says:

Felt it a little whilst benching, was fine the next day, then i felt it doing heavy bicep curls with maybe too much range of motion. Was fine for two days and now it's flaring up, taking a week off the gym even after just doing a deload and right now losing all motivation to ever go back. 🙁

The Cotch Sasquatch says:

How does one gain access to the rice-crispies within the tight anterior shoulders?

Fatima Tongson says:

Good day sir is tendonitis is curable except for the excercise thank you God bless😊

Lili says:

Do you think should Stop training completely?

Omar Boyka says:

Offfff you are amazing this is so helpful god save you pro❤️❤️

Paula Angelone says:

Thank you, Great guidance , i'll be doing these to help me with my shoulder pain.

annmarie boaten says:

Thank you Travis. I have been suffering with bicep tendonitis. I appreciate the explanations as well as the demonstration. I just finished with the stretch and two of the strength exercises. So I will continue every other day and see how I fear. Now I will ice the shoulder. 👏🏾👏🏾

TM P says:

Thank you! I have to Try this!

Kanish Dsouza says:

I have partial longhead bicep rapture it’s been two weeks no workout and now I feel better can i do this stretches will this help me plz suggest

Jack Kirwan says:

Great video, thank you. My bicep tendon gets inflamed with pessups, handstands pushing exercises. I have been strengthening the back, rear delts, rotaters. Is it recommended to keep exercising the front, not to lose stengrh, even if there is a bit of pain afterwards ?

GiveThanks says:

Hi. Thanks for the vid.
I got a problem form time to time, I get pain in my lower bicep tendon after an injury using my body to much in physical labor. I can use the arm fine after couple hours after pain starts, because it leaves. It seems like it started inside the shoulder like you mention in the video. So are you aware of people having Bicep Tendonitis in the shoulder but the pain shows mostly in the lower bicep tendon/lower bicep/upper forarm region or do you think it is another problem? I have kinda tight front shoulders also.

Francis Riley says:

Clear and sensible advice, thanks 👍

TrufflesRUs says:

Many Thanks Travis, I'm trying to understand and fix my shoulder upper arm pains, which can be so severe some days it is not possible to lift the arm it is so painful…

X R says:

Thank you so much. I've had shoulder problems due to over training(a few years ago) and with now having a ripped hip i'm now stuck with only upper body. Recently after taking a week off because of the hip I got back to training biceps and dips a lot (with poorer form then usual, which I've addressed) and now I just have this dull pain in the front of my shoulder. Even when I'm just holding the weight at the bottom of the exercise, hanging on a pullup bar, or even at the top of a dip, it seems to not like those movements.

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