Easy Ways to Relieve Neck & Shoulder Pain

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Neck & shoulder pain often go hand in hand. Many of the muscles in the neck go down into the shoulder area and can cause pain when they are tight and weak. Buy a Comfytemp weighted Neck & Shoulder heating pad at https://amzn.to/3Gyamzj (affiliate link) or get the regular version at https://amzn.to/3I7XNN3 (affiliate link).

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Here are some ways to help relieve the neck and shoulder pain.

Chin tucks and an upper trap stretch are great ways to loosen up the muscles in the neck and shoulder area.

Using a heating pad like the Comfytemp Neck and Shoulder weighted heating pad, can also help loosen and relax tight and painful muscles in the neck and shoulder.

And finally, some exercises like shoulder squeezes, can help retrain the weak muscles.

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Easy Ways to Relieve Neck & Shoulder Pain:

00:00 – Neck and Shoulder Stretches & Exercises
00:21 – Chin Tucks
01:34 – Upper Trap Stretch
02:44 – Comfytemp Weighted Heating Pad

04:23 – Levator Scapulae Stretch

06:02 – Shoulder Squeezes

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AskDoctorJo says:

Buy a Comfytemp weighted Neck & Shoulder heating pad at https://amzn.to/3Gyamzj (affiliate link) or get the regular version at https://amzn.to/3I7XNN3 (affiliate link).
Buy a worksheet with these stretches & exercises at askdoctorjo.com/neck-shoulder-relief-worksheet
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Anne Bolton says:

Thankyou so very much for this video, after weeks of taking pain killers and hurting because of my physically demanding job I now do these exercises before every shift, they help me so much, hardly any pain now and no more pain killers, you are amazing 😘

btaq says:

Thanks, I woke up with neck pain and shoulder pain, changed my sleeping position and did this.

Joe Fazio says:

I’m not sure if this helped me or not but I will continue to work on this. I’m a mail carrier and my back of my head/neck area and shoulder and upper back hurt something terrible.

T Roderique says:

Thank you so much have cervical arthritis and bulging disc this is helping alot .

Eric Beins says:

Dr. Jo I have a lot of respect for your explanations and classifications and have a question about MSM.

Daniel Palma says:

omg thank you 🙏 I have been having awful neck pain for 2 weeks even went to chiropractor twice. the sitting on the hand stretch fixed my neck! i could literally feel and almost hear the muscle(or whatever it was) peeling from my neck (in a good way) thank you!!!

James Agnew says:

Your teeth are beautiful. What is your secret?

Tangarang says:

wow that's soo much better

James Mason says:

💥 I can’t believe that it happened. I hardly subscribe to anything but…. You got me. I did it. You are really awesome and I’ve been physically active with weight training for a 30 year period. I’ve competed in all natural bodybuilding as a 1st place winner all throughout. 10 years ago I received a herniated disc at C6/C7 that has caused a serious mess ever since. I have nerve impingement and I’m angry that I didn’t opt for surgery back then being that it shunted the activity of the nerve that runs down my right arm. I’ve been plagued with bicep tendon pains in my right shoulder and I’ve had several cortisone shots in various spots throughout my right shoulder area in general. I’ve been doing these stretches and ones from your other videos for a couple of days and I’m already seeing improvement with nagging pains there. Thank you so much for all that you are sharing. It’s all so straight to the point and directly targets the spots with such great efficiency. Thank you, thank you 🤟🏼💝 *edit* I love my dog too. You can always trust a dog lover. 😻

Joyasri Shee Adak says:

I am suffering one side arm and soulder pain for 10 years. Can this exercise relieve this pain?

Dorene Naidu says:

Instant relief for pain I've been suffering from for 2 weeks now! Thank you so much for sharing!. I'm looking at your other videos to practice the exercises you're sharing!

Stephen Cerone says:

Hello, Dr. Jo. I've had supraspinatus tendinosis for about three years because of a negligent doctor who failed to diagnose my bursitis for two and a half years. A year ago, I found a physical therapist who put me on a program of lifting very light weights (like going to the gym, except the dumbells weigh only two or three lbs), and it's helped. My most recent MRI showed that the tendinosis had improved from moderate to mild. The problem I'm having is with consistency. I'm constantly getting hurt, since the tendon is still fragile, and I haven't been able to keep my routine going for more than 5 weeks straight through the course of the year. What do you recommend for tendinosis?

The what says:

Could you please create a few real time exercise/strengthening programs for neck, traps, and shoulders? Perhaps using self weight as well as resistance bands?

Rudy Sanchez says:

😭🙏🙏YOUR AN ANGLE sent front god to help his people and those in need. Im 29 years old and have been suffering from chronic pain for years. Your videos inspire me and your stretches are superb! and on point I will continue to take in your knowledge thank you so much doc💜

Polynesian Mov't GP says:

These are helping a lot Dr. Jo! Thank you for sharing these! Already feeling relief in my left shoulder and neck area from doing these stretches and exercises! Will consider a heating pad too!

Tortoisemukbangs says:

I saw one of your videos and my neck got better because I been too much on the

shanns69 says:

Hope u get to my question. I been using analgesics for neck pain 24 years now, just stopped. My question is should you do these stretches daily, more than once a day or should we take breaks between days?

Mindful Thyme RMT says:

Love your T-Shirt and your videos! 🙂

Jon Nuanez says:

I had so much pain in my upper shoulders the other night that it actually woke me up. Had to take some ibuprofen. The next morning, I looked around and found this video. Did the stretches. While not 100% gone, wow there is a relief difference. These have helped greatly. Thanks so much.

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