Atraumatic Knee Pain Differential Diagnosis | ITBS, PFPS, Jumper's Knee

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ITBS or iliotibial band syndrome, PFPS or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and Jumper’s knee or patella tendinopathy can be tricky to differentiate as diagnosis in atraumatic knee pain
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That one missing piston says:

My knee hurts when I'm going to crouch or sit on the floor and it has to bend fully. It feels like a pain from the back to the front

Essa Rassool says:

What does PT stand for ?

ashna kovers says:

My knee hurts and I'm only 15 😀

Absolutely nothing says:

About 3 years ago I somehow messed up my knee it’s seemingly has gotten worse, it hurts incredibly bad when unbending my knee or standing up after sitting, sometimes I get random pains in my knee. When crouching sometimes I can’t get back up. I’ve had 3 X-rays and an mri and the doctors say they can’t find anything

Apprends Idiomas Fast says:


Alton Williams says:

I just got my knee hyperextended during mma practice now I can’t bend my knee to straighten it is painful too my quads just feel so stiff been icing but no help

lovely says:

my pain is right under my knee i think and it rlly hurts sometimes during sport and after. i play a lot of bball and had a lot of gala days for cross country and netball and i play oztag. its been rlly sorr lately

Sandra Hollett says:

My knee pain is sharp right above my knee caps whenever I try to bend my knees or try to stand up from sitting on the floor

batman says:

Hi there, which structure is affected when there is pain near the inner side of knee when doing a hamstring curl especially the latter half of the movement? It started for me after doing Nordic curls.

ErinM says:

Very helpful, thank you!

I M Just Your neighbor says:

0:25 does it look like I know what u are talking about

Alexander Ga says:

My pain in my left knee goes away when im working.

Arthur Morgan says:

I cannot sit like muslim when they do namaz.

David Okorie says:

I used to be a very active person I’m 18 and played soccer throughout high school I also play basketball a lot but I wasn’t on the team, I also played volleyball and now I have major knee pain and it’s annoying because I can’t be as active as I want without excruciating pain in my knees. I went to the doctor and they just said it’s a “sprain” but I don’t think so it’s should have been gone by now then he told me to do knee exercises to help but when I do it’s HURTS😂 so like someone help me please.

William bowling says:

The real and permanent cure for Your problem is right with Doctor Ani John on YouTube His herbal supplements cure this virus🦠 completely.

Grinder TV says:

I got knee pain from side kicking, pain is below my kneecap.

Sagnik Banerjee says:

Can U please tell me this things gets better or not?

subbie the woolabee says:

I have PFPS. My one is so painful, cuz i am a 11 year old youtuber from canada with knee pain.

Blurry Face says:

Hello My pain is at the bottom of my knee top chin only when I squat .. I can run and no pain even when I'm sitting and try to get up …

Sampson says:

My knees sometimes hurt after sleeping ☹️

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