7 Tips to Reduce Hand Arthritis Pain (Physical Therapy Approved)

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7 Tips to Reduce Hand Arthritis Pain (Physical Therapy Approved)

Bob & Brad discuss ways to reduce your hand arthritis

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Francis Ameke says:

I am now negative from Arthritis after I did a Test , it was like a miracle, I really can't thank you enough Dr Igho, You cured me naturally after I came across your channel on YouTube , with your herbs, May God bless you Handsomely

Max Jerry says:

I have a friend who had taken traditional medicine and a diet plan from Nze Njoku Herbal Home to treat Arthritis and High Blood Pressure and for some years now he looks normal. From severe pain always a sick guy Now he looks so healthy and enjoying normal productive life😊 Praise God.

Angel Apple says:

I'm a cook, chef and kitchen assistant and some days are easier and some days more painful, but I love working in kitchens really.

Robin Nicole says:

Having herpes is not the end of life for I was permanently cured from HSV by dr okosun on YouTube through his effective herbal medicine, there's healing through herbs 🌿

Brian Coyne says:

No solutions here. Just work-arounds. Not very insightful at all.

Joan Young says:

Thanks for the chuckles along with the great information. 🤗🤣👍

Brenda Mawdsley says:

I have told my friends for the last year that ACV takes away the arthritis pain in my hands and feet. They all laughed at me. Thank you so much for mentioning this possible solution for pain relief. When I haven't taken ACV for a awhile and my pain returns, within two days of again taking ACV, I get complete relief from pain. It's worth trying and will not harm anyone.

Kim Thomas says:

How much apple cider vinegar do you use? Thank you for sharing your great tips. Take care.

drncube03@gmail. com says:

Im glad to recommend Dr Ncube to anyone who is suffering from Arthritis, Thyriod, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS. He has the treatments and cure to any type of sickness and infections. Skin infections treatment…

drncube03@gmail. com says:

Im glad to recommend Dr Ncube to anyone who is suffering from Arthritis, Thyriod, Diabetes, HIV/AIDS. He has the treatments and cure to any type of sickness and infections. Skin infections treatment…

michael procopis says:

I play harmonica will the food and exercises help. Sorry to bother you and thank you.

Fairytale Princess Events says:

You guys ARE cracking me up today " WHY BOB WHYYYY"

Fairytale Princess Events says:


JC says:

Perfect timing guys!! Great suggestions. Assuming its good for carpal tunnel too?

penny davis says:

I was diagnosed with arthritis from my lower spine to my neck and it’s chronic pain. Last year both hands have been showing signs of arthritis inside and out. If I have to go out In the winter, my entire body feels locked up. Im also a diabetic so I can’t just take anything for the pain. Any thoughts on how to stop at least some of the pain in my hands? I will be having RFA soon for my back pain which scares me, never been a pill popper except for xtra strength Tylenol but even that I have to be careful with. Frequent visitor of pain management too. It’s stressful to say the least.

Rick Lord says:

I'm 67… I play drums professionally. My left hand/fingers are hurting and driving me nuts. I need this to go away! I've been drinking cherry juice. It helps some. I can't just quit my lively-hood!!! I'd get hungry!!!

jimmy jay says:

First time having this and I'm 35

Dana Thomas says:

I do different kinds of wood working. It takes dexterity for some of the repairs. By the end of the day only extremely hot water Soothes my pain I don’t take any meds. So this is my only pain relief.

Jefferson Stroud says:

It’s very important to say a very big thank you to Dr ONO on YOUTUBE for using his natural herbal Medications to cure my Arthritis permanently

Judith Ansley says:

1. 1 daily serving of blue berries or strawberries.
2. Use your elbow or shoulder to hold purse instead of hands.
3. Close door with hips instead of hands.
4. Hand warmers.
5. Pulling each finger slightly.
6. Avoid certain task like grocery shopping. Hands gets over used
7. Hold your phone/tablet in the palm of your hand instead of grasping with fingers.

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