10 Best Stiff Knee Pain Relief Exercises

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Exercising a stiff knee can help loosen up the joint and the muscles around the joint. These exercises should help relieve a stiff knee. Buy a worksheet with these knee exercises: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/stiff-knee-exercises-worksheet

Starting off with isometric exercises is a great way to activate the muscles, but not make big movements that might be difficult or painful to do.

Once they start to loosen up, bridges seated hip flexion, and seated knee extension (LAQ) will start to progress the movements going through the full range.

Finally, standing exercises will make it a little more challenging, and they will help get rid of the stiffness. Standing hamstring curls, standing hip flexion/extension, standing hip abduction/adduction, and squats with a chair will help get the knee moving.

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10 Best Stiff Knee Pain Relief Exercises:

00:00 – 10 Best Stiff Knee Pain Relief Exercises
00:28 – Quad Sets
01:08 – Hamstring Sets
01:46 – Glute Sets
02:20 – Bridging
03:04 – Seated Hip Flexion
03:35 – Seated Knee Extension
04:09 – Hamstring Curls Standing
04:50 – Standing Hip Flexion and Extension
05:29 – Standing Hip Abduction and Adduction
06:11 – Squats with Chair

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Buy a worksheet with these knee exercises at: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/stiff-knee-exercises-worksheet
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Lee Wynn says:

Thank you 🙂

Soleh Nubli says:

i have a problem to bend my legs and i find when i bend my strength is lost and it hurts a lot if training to bend my legs can know the way there is to not feel pain when training to bend my legs

erica Erica says:

I sprained my MCL last June and completed 4 months of PT. I took a break from my daily exercises, continued walking and hoped my sprain would just heal with time. Well, I was wrong and now have a stiff, weak knee that still won’t fully bend. So, I recently began easing myself back into the exercises and am wondering if consistently working my knee will eventually heal my poor MCL. Thanks for your help!

Vixikie says:

I can't keep my left knee locked and straight without it being bend. Doesn't matter if I sit, stand or walk. What can I do about it?

allada aln Sarma says:

Thank you so much .
Brief and pinpointed .
Sleeping positions suggest because am getting knee pain.

vinod singh says:

Dr jo thankyou for prompt response , I am from India , I have watched your earlier videos for knee pain , I am grateful to you .

vinod singh says:

Dr jo , thankyou for demonstration for knee stiffness and pain , for osteoarthritis , great help 😃

seoh leng tay says:

Hi the first exercise ..quad set. when we squeeze our quad are ..okay to lock our knees ?

Haley buard says:

Thank you so much I am 6 months post ACL surgery. But 2 weeks post arthrofibrosis surgery these exercises are really helpful🙏🏽 please share more❤️

Rupali Rakshit says:

Very helpFul

Winnona Marie Bernardo says:

Doctor Jo. I suffered from a tibia fibula fracture and was on full leg cast for 3 months. Now, I can't bend my knees. Can I perform anything on this video or is there other video of yours i can watch? Thank you

Tan Gaming says:

Hi Dr why should I do for my son is stiff hand he only 13 years

Sammy Krümmelmonster Baumann says:

Gute Besserung sweet dog

Kalpana Kulshrestha says:

Doc Jo please suggest a quick way to cure muscular back pain in Kids.

Gabriela Simmons says:

As always great video. Thank so much for sharing and all the best for your fur baby.

jordana ward says:

I having physio exercise due got flexible knees & my knees hurt alot when im walking long distance a very painful knee pain,any remedies for flexible exercise you have ?

BIG BOY farming says:

Hello DR.jo good vedio for those pateint suffer knee problem!!

Bradgaylehome says:

How many of the movements should I do in the sets?

Rao Yelamanchili says:

Very good ex excises thank you

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