PRIORITY ONE – Getting Started – 112

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Chair-Based Fitness, Chair & Standing Mix, ‘On Your Feet’ Fitness, and The Collection DVDS are now available to purchase.

Designed to be ‘just enough’ for those at home who are looking for a low intensity exercise program which is practical for most all levels fitness. A great option for beginning a weight loss program as well as for senior fitness, Getting Started removes the barrier to entry. Trouble with balance? Look for our chair based episodes.

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Hermosa Trongcoso says:

Thank you for the class.

Hermosa Trongcoso says:

I love it.

Anna lee says:

I Will forever be grateful to Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my type 2 Diabetes disease with his herbs remedy. I will forever tell the world about your great medication doc.

Adora Bongalon says:

very nice.i will be following you now.

Sara Nacipucha says:

Buanas noches tengo mucho dolor demis piernas es como amortiguacion

Lucius says:

Great exercises. Conduct is great. Music so loud and annoying it's hard to stand!!!

Thasue Taw says:

Thank you so much & I can share to all my friends.Thanks.

Hansa Patel says:

Your exercise style is good good. But music beat is not matching. Or use soothing sound. I like you and exercise.

Stole Antevski says:

very goud masedonija

Ella Presley says:

Thank you sooooo much for this class. I will be following you every day, again THANKS!!

Robert Logan says:

I like your exercises. But the music has to go. I can't stand listening to the music.

anelmarques says:

Super nice!

Pacita Insigne says:

Great exercise i like it thanks to priority 1philippines

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Connie Fry says:

Like the exercises but the music was to loud it was over powering her you really don't need the music.

Sylvia Nolasco says:

Wow I like your exercise…I will follow you ..this all lady’s so amazing ….GOD BLESS YOU are a good teacher πŸ™πŸ˜

Saudah Saad says:

Semuga sihat selalu.

Jan Calbert says:

omg–I loved the exercises but absolutely hated the music.

III BOPIII-2k says:

Hi, thank you for the exercise it's very helpful. Keep up the good work for us seniors

Twila Gullatt says:

I enjoyed the exercise 😊 I was able to do a lot but I will try and do what I can Thank you for sharing

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