Lose hanging lower belly fat sitting – Beginner friendly chair workout

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Hana Milly says:

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Gloria Barnes says:

I love this exercise but as a bigginer some of them are difficult for me…look easy but not that easy.

yordanos beyene says:

Thanks so much for this video. Its very good for the days that i dont feel like getting out of a chair!The best part is that it is just as efficient as a normal workout would be. Keep up the good work!!(also love ur top btw)

Janelle Chadrick says:

I thought this was for beginners. haha! I can't do that second one!

Emilie Robaglia says:

This is the first time I do this exercice and I can say it's not beginner friendly, it's beginner's hell ! I can't entirely do an exercice, it is too hard ! But I guess it is because it's my first time !

Heba Fayyad says:

Did it work with anyone? How long did it take to feel a difference?

Katie Starling says:

I hope this works for me I had a baby about two years ago and I do adult content so I really need to be in shape and since I am at my computer most of the day answering emails and checking the sites im on and all that I have just been having a hard time finding anything that works for this work out is quick I hope doing it once to twice a day 5 or 6 days a week will be enough to help firm some areas up and take a couple inches off of my waist
along with a descent diet of course but that part I have down for the most part but a good diet doesnt do much if your sitting all dam day

NatsumiNsane says:

Lol it escalated quickly hahahaha

Wayne Tabacjar says:

I would sure love to see a heavy person do these exercises.

Navjot kaur says:

Everyone: talking about the results of this exercise
Me: notice the chair of hana in the whole video and imagine to get this chair

SatisfyingVideos21 says:

Day1 : I like it, hope it works

Nordisk Katt says:

Just as a heads-up to anyone wanting to try this – unless you already have REALLY strong core muscles, be extremely careful! Several of the exercises are basically inviting the lower back to arch. You don't want to injure yourself!

Gabriella Mashiah says:

Couldn't even lift my legs Terrible 😔

Labrisha ford says:

Stick with it guys it does help I add hot cream while doing it really makes you sweat

Alena Ferguson says:

I’m doing this at work, but becuase of where I work and me being anxious and sucking at being social, I don’t do it fully. (I don’t want people asking questions or staring, plus I have no air conditioning in my area so I don’t want to sweat too much) Anyway I was doing the side to side bend and people were looking at me like I was crazy

sonya juarez says:

Is it better to eat and then workout? Or workout on an empty stomach?

Yuzu ࿐ says:

Me at school doing these:
Everyone staring at me: 😳

Rain says:

I tried this out hopefully I start seeing results

Day 1: Feel the burn! This was a hard but good exercise. 😅
Day 2: This feels good so far

Ambika Jerrybandan says:

I suffer from severe chronic lung inflammation and asthma.. this excercise makes me sweat alotttt… while toning my body even tho its in a chair.. and its bearable.. thank you so much🙏😇

☜☆ Irelan Bianca☆☞ says:

lets go!!!! today is my first day plus i started exercise from 4-5 days ago and already lost 6 kg fun fact : i skipped my lunch and dinner only eat breakfast , drink green tea while doing exercise which gives me energy and i am happy that today of 2 hours of exercise helped me loose 1 kg. I'll keep doing this exercise too i'll keep updating i'll try to do every day.

Day 1 : it was hard for me bc its my 1st day but i am sure i'll get use to it ^_^ (was 65kg and now 64kg cool within 1 day) :>

Day 2 – it was easy at the starting but inbetween it became hard but in the ending it was easy again, i didnt really see any difference in me yet but somehow lost 2 pounds 🙂

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