Improve your Balance in 5 minutes!

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Improve your Balance in 5 minutes!

Move It or Lose It! was founded in 2010 by award-winning fitness expert, Julie Robinson, who has dedicated her career to motivating thousands of people to keep active so they can enjoy healthier, happier lives.
Through their specialist instructor training programme they now have a national network of fun-filled classes spreading across the UK along with a range of exercise DVDs and resistance bands to keep everyone moving whatever their age or ability.

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rita attard says:

Thanks so much for these balance exercises, they help me allot xxx

GRIVS Xiaomi says:

Thank you. Informative.

emmal okeke says:

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Anna lee says:

I Will forever be grateful to Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my type 2 Diabetes disease with his herbs remedy. I will forever tell the world about your great medication doc.

David Orr says:

Very helpful. Thanks!

Manda bathram corona says:


Fred Weis says:

Like watching Mary Poppins!?

marcia zimmerman says:

Supporting leg requires a slight bend In knee so knee is positioned over toes, but not beyond. This prevents stress on joints .

Raymond King says:

Most of these posts have no subtitles it would help for those people who are deaf very annoying as most people are either hard of hearing or deaf.

mashiur rahman says:

I have been suffering dizziness and imbalance that always I feel someone push me so if possible to cure by this exercise. I will wait for your reply. Thanks

Martin Maddox says:

Warning “Don’t use a chair as flimsy as I use”

Carmen Sanders says:

Great way to improve balance.

Jo Austin says:

To much talking

texasrose67530 says:

Just wondering why you need to keep the foot flat?

rajashekhar bh says:

Very nicely guided to understand to all the Parkinson patients. Thank u sir who has done this.

Helen Wardle says:

So welcome to try.out at home at 87 it works wonders

Renu Roy says:

Thank for an excellent presentation.
Renu Roy from Germany.

Marcia Custódio says:

Very good! Ty.

Joe Gondo says:

Much easier if standing foot is at 45 degree angle

Loretta Freeland says:

Excellent trainings has helped me greatly thank you

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