Full Body Home Workout For Seniors | 10 Minutes | The Body Coach TV

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10 Minute Full Body Workout For Seniors


Cliff Barker says:

Hi Joe I wonder if you could help me I have nerve pain in my leg what is the best exercises that could help me to try and reduce this please

Lucy Fisher says:

Great, thanks!

Dreams of Sound Productions says:

Love love love ur workout

Janetta Kowalski says:

Prefer to be referred as a senior instead of elderly. Great to get me going in the morning on a rainy day.

Philip Tory says:

The text at the bottom of the screen is RUBBISH !!! Someone ought to edit it it…🤪

Valerie Elmalem says:

Hi Joe Wicks

Emma Watson says:

These are completely perfect for the days I'm feeling really down/depressed, have little time or on my period, its perfect! Gentle but effective! Thank you! 🥺

Steve Gilman says:

I have a back injury I'm working my way back from and this workout has helped me so much – thank you!

Joanne Smithies says:

Thank you Joe

Roberta Smith says:

Third day, great stuff 💙❤️

Roberta Smith says:

Yep I’m into this and really enjoyed it. Thanks

Richard McArtney says:

Thank you Joe you have got us moving!! greetings from oz

Paul Anderson says:

Joe your the dogs! x

Nyaradzo Muvishi says:

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Susan Dickson says:

Daily motion also helps us keep our balance … for less possible falls 🙃

ɪ AM ʟUCɪFEʀ says:

Not only I lost fat and gained muscle, but I feel more energized and productive throughout the day. My sleep has also improved drastically. Website called Agoge Diet really changed my life for the better.

Rolf Oppong says:


David Gray says:

Have been doing your routine daily for a year now, hardly ever missed a day. I usually manage 45 seconds for each exercise. Am a widower living alone and will be 83 in September.

lydeppmath says:

Thank you so much. I love this and you

Anne Campbell says:

Thank you soooo much Joe!

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