Beginner Seated HIIT Workout For Seniors | Low Impact Cardio For Seniors – (10 Mins)

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Follow along with me (Mike – Physiotherapist) for this beginner’s style HIIT (cardio) workout to improve your fitness and also help with weight loss.

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In this video we cover:
Intro: 0:00
Exercise Begins: 0:41
Exercise Finish: 11:23

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Do your best and any questions ask below!

– Mike

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More Life Health Seniors says:

Yes, this was only meant to be 10 rounds, but I lost count during the workout, so you got a bonus round!! πŸ˜€ I hope you enjoyed the workout, let me know how you went below…Stay happy, stay healthy and stay moving! And I will see you all soon!!

Jules Garcia says:

Thanx Mike…EXCELLENT! The exercises do get easier! I can now have my breakfast!

Karla Knighton-Beatty says:

Great workout! Are you going to do any longer sessions?

Judi Goldfarb says:

Another good workout, have improved my cardio & yes I keep up with you, how about another?
Have a great day, I’m In Florida 🌴

P&B Linham says:

Tried this a week ago think I held it together a bit better this week. Thank you.

Lind Cobbs says:

I'll soon be 66 years old recently diagnosed with a low ejection fraction rste of my heart not strong enough to pump out enough blood. I just started your workouts and enjoyed it. This is definitely something I can keep up with. I hope this will get my heart stronger. Thanks.

Wanda Dillard says:

Done β˜‘οΈ

June Wyatt says:

I started doing random exercises a year ago. Now I'm even more into it and the fact there are so many choices. The cardio and the arms, legs & cardio have been my favourites and not so puffed when playing golf. (two games of 9 holes a week plus three to four workouts is doing me a lot of good at 84 years old). I know I need to get my balance exercises into the mix more regularly so I'm aiming for workouts in the mornings and balance in the afternoon. Making this a regular commitment. Happy to be able to keep up with you and thank you for your encouraging comments. They definitely help. πŸ™‚

Frances Chicchi says:

More HIIT videos please

P&B Linham says:

Phew a bit creamed crackered but I did it. Thank you

Judi Goldfarb says:

Hi Mike,
How about doing another HIIT, more intense, little longer?
I’ve mastered this & follow all g with you
Have a great weekend 🌴from Florida

Clare says:

Great Mike. Thank you. Amazed I lasted the distance!

Judi Goldfarb says:

Love this video, I try to keep up with you 🀩 fun. I do this at least every other day, depending on what else I’m doing. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’―πŸ™Œ

alstromeria55 says:

First time doing this one and its a great workout !! Enjoyed it and will be adding this to my list ! Thanks Mike !!

Alisa Wilder-Jato says:

This exercise session is excellent. I do it each day and I feel stronger and less winded. Thanks for making the art of exercising fun as well as challenging!!!

Vive Health says:

VERY cool seated workout to get that heart rate up πŸ™Œ

Trevor & Stephanie Dhue says:

Thanks this is a great workout.

Wayn Jul says:

Would be nice if you uploaded more health videos. Hope you are doing well.

Reenie Lane says:

Wow did we need this!

Janet Glendinning says:

My husband has unfortunately had to have a catheter inserted and does have a faint hope of returning to normal. Our son suggested an exercise regime to strengthen his pelvic floor muscles and thence to strengthen the muscles of the bladder.Do you have any suggestions for him by any chance? We are both doing the daily warm up exercises and he has three weeks before he gets his last bladder scan.

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