Top 3 Exercises for Achilles Tendonitis-Selected by Physical Therapy

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Famous Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present the top 3 exercises one should do if you have Achilles Tendonitis.

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WallWand Vids says:

Does ice make it worse?

l lori says:

Love these , thank you both

Jo Law says:

Whoever did your intro jingle should get a raise 🤌🏽🎶

Jill Kinkade says:

The sound could be so much better! Tell those other people to keep it down!

Maria Hooyenga says:

You guys did it again! I have had pain in my Achilles tendon for years.
That massage technique made it go away ! You two are brilliant 👏.

Kylen_ Bowman22 says:

I can’t rest I got basketball and if I miss one practice I can’t play

niteweng says:

I'm literally 12 and I think I have tendinitis

Daniel Ziegler says:

I thought my achilles was the worst pain I could feel until I heard that intro song…. ouch

Mehnaz Morshed Disha says:

I was wondering what can I use if I don't have any of these bands? Can I use a towel?

Anna Tuttle says:

These guys are saving me. Followed their recommendations for tennis elbow and it was better in two weeks. Unfortunately, now I'm back for this. Thank you for posting these!

s says:

thanks Bob you're absolutely right that is the only exercise which tackles my achilles issues. Lvin gyour stuff so keep going guys x

Cindy Laquidara says:

Very helpful.

Shalini Ammu says:

Can u show us how to reduce toe walking..

puggilove says:

I love your videos! I injured my Achilles doing reps stepping up onto a park bench since my gym has closed due to Cov19. Stay healthy love from England!😃

Ciaran Mac says:

I hate my achilles…..another damn relapse!!!!

Carrol Lindsay says:

Your video showing treatment methods for achilles tenderniris is excellent. I am on the right tract to healing but it hurts sometimes. What is a usual time for healing without any or some heel pain.

Alec Bailey says:

I love your videos but I'm a physio and I would like to understand your reasoning for providing stretching for tendonitis? Tendons can be likened to an energy store, when you need to jump or run (basically have explosive power) tendons provide that as they are like a coiled spring especially in the lower limb. Tendons in the upper limb are more positional and for posture. I thought it was common consensus throughout the physio world that by stretching lower limb tendons such as the achilles tendon youre taking the tendon further away from its optimum because as I said they provide explosive power/ they don't want to be stretched when inflammed (tendonitis). Therefore I would provide muscle strenghtening and actually advise against stretching

capeheartriz says:

what I find problem in the day doing the exercises or walking…and other exercises I do 3x a week for shoulders…BUT…at night the pain increases….and especially 24 hours later… its difficult to judge if I am over doing the exercises or should I just expect this to happen???

Shawn Laib says:

I have had achilles tendonitis in both feet for several years now. The pain comes and goes. What is the likelihood of rupturing the tendon?

Luis Balladares says:

I’ve seen videos where stretching is discouraged because it separates the tendon fibers vs bringing them together. Could you share additional perspective on stretching?

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