Hook Test | Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture

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The hook test is supposed to detect distal biceps tendon ruptures
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Crazy__Duckss says:

bro only half my bicep goes up when i flex! wtf do i do? i think i did too man reps in the gym

Dino Killer says:

I did a 100biceps curls as i did before but due to my exams i wasnt able to left for a month , and now i cant even straigten my hands .

Pablo Lee says:

I had a really bad strain that was aurally tendinitis. With a lot of stretching and lightweight it feels better than ever. if anyone has any questions I cam help to the best of my ability

Based Age of Empires Multiplayer Gameplay says:

4 years ago I hurt my shoulder and somehow both biceps in the gym. I havent been able to get into a doctor and after 4 years the pain has not went away. I've done the hook test and they seem fine but I get serious pain every day of the year and I'm not sure if surgery is going to be my only option or not. I really want to get back in the gym and be more physical again, im 32 .. also I know I tore something in my shoulder, I felt it when it happened and after 4 years I still can't do push-ups or any bench press. Any help of any kind would be more than appreciated.

Exuro Sanctus says:

Yo wtf this hurts to watch.

Dabunny Rabbit says:

eeeeee I just tried that on my self! that feels weird!

litsci says:

I have to tell you, this is useless for anyone but young men and built, unusually thin young women. You need to show us what things look like on a much wider range of people. Middle-aged women do not have arms that look like this. We cannot see what you're talking about. Stop focusing on bros and talk about everyone else…and oh my god, never do this test on older people. WOOOWWW. This is why physios and orthos have a bad name, the sexism and ageism.

steve n says:

I messed mine up at work

P Standifer says:

My son worked out today he was in the mirror trying to flex his biceps. Right side responded left side is just kinda limp. There is no pain or out of the ordinary, he says it just feels like he worked out. Also he said that he didn't feel anything out of the ordinary while working out. Need some answers

William Ashley says:

when you said pull in this video did you mean push

phil says:

I was doing ring muscle ups on a Thursday and felt a little pop in my lower left bicep, I thought straight away that I'd ruptured it but thankfully I hadn't, I attempted another rep but decided to stop as I had the same feeling again, my tendon has felt bruised and my forearm did actually come up with bruise, I've done the hook test and all feels ok, I'd just like to know what iv done, have I pulled the tendon a little, torn it a little or strained it?? The next day I was deadlifting with no worries, so why the bruise, thanks.

we know his voice says:

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Arijit Fan says:

What is PT treatment?

Chris Fiordirosa says:

I did this to my bicep today while throwing a shovel hook at my sparring opponent. I immediately heard the pop in my arm . My bicep is not connected to my elbow anymore . Really don’t want surgery

Execrated-by them says:

Can a partial tear heal on its own ?

H_Editz Official says:

I am a beginner to workout.
Yesterday I did 3 sets of 10 reps 5 kg bicep curls. Even while doing them my left bicep tendon was clipping (behaving strangely) when I was lowering the dumbbell to full elbow lock position. And now it hurts too badly. There is pain in the point where the tendon is linked to the joint or bone. I think my left joint is weak as it also ached some weeks ago due to intense workout.

NatKing1u1z says:

My arms are wayyyy bigger than that guys and I cant hook the tendon it feels too thick but I can tell the tendon is still attached because the bicep isn't curled up but I have sharp pain with certain motions of the bicep before this I felt a pop when I was doing wide grip pull-ups at the gym.

No bruising or swelling just sharp pain

C N says:

Guys shorten your reps so tension stays on the bicep not the tendon !! All exercises involving the bicep need to be shortened so this can heal whilst still being able to workout

SirViving says:

Interesting 🧐

Spitfire is My Captain says:

I lifted 3 days ago. I thought I was ready to increase my weight. I did my usual amount of reps. It was going smoothly at first but I started feeling some resistance at the ending of the second set. I pushed to finish the reps. When I started my 3rd set, I strained to hard doing my 1st rep and I felt a sudden pain in my left bicep. I literally ignored the pain and finished my set. Now 3 days later I can't stretch my left arm and it stays in a bent like cramp position and it really hurts. I iced and massaged but nothing. Should I go to the doctor? 😭

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