Hamstring stretching – don't stretch the sciatic nerve | Feat. Tim Keeley | No.35 | Physio REHAB

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Check out how Tim sets the facts straight and shows the simple tips to effectively target the hamstrings and posterior chain muscles and NOT the sciatic nerve and posterior chain neural system, especially if you have high neural tension in the legs.

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n o says:

hi Tim, this is very helpful! for the first stretch,is your left leg straight or bent? Thanks! : )

Kristene Fox says:

Had an L4-5 discectomy after having what felt like a fork stuck in my nerve for a few years. Recently hamstring has been causing back problem and I'm so glad I saw this video because I definitely just tried to do this stretch wrong. Probably prevented me a whole world of problems.

Taylor Raeburn-Gibson says:

This really helped me, thanks

Multimedia Production says:

Camera dude….step back man… there is so much space!

yorick021 says:

Fantastic explanation! Now I know why I get foot pain after exercises for the posterior chain! I will visit your neural flossing video now,

Bibhu Nanda Nayak says:

sorry, your knee is not straight, it is bending forward. you are doing wrong and teaching wrong.

namanish says:

This was enlightening, thank you!

Jax says:

I have that calf/back of knee tension and could never find a way to stretch the hamstring until now. Thanks for the valuable information!

Eric B says:

I'm amazed I haven't heard this before. I've always just thought the calf & back knee need learn to be stretched before I can do hamstring exercises. The possibility of a nerve being involved is concerning.

I think that dragon pose will be my go-to hamstring stretch. Thank you

Kevin says:

Holy cow that feels soo good. In all my years of tightness I've never felt such a glorious isolated stretch.

Astra McNamara says:

this is great! i have a L4-L5 herniated disc, and anytime i try to stretch my hamstrings i feel it only in my calves and then i start to feel a pinching and tingling sensation in my toes. Now i know why!!

i’m gonna go check out you’re neural flossing video nowπŸ‘

Andino-Inquisidor says:

I have numness on my heel left foot

Noah Stone says:

Excellent video! Thank you very much. Liked and Subscribed.

Ryan Anderson says:

This is great and all but how do we address the nerves and numbness from Hamstring stretches? Will bent knee stretching automatically fix the problem over time?

Anth M says:

Thank you for your content. This is a brilliant stretch, that safeguards the sciatic nerve. One question if I may: does this compress the front hip by going forward?

subversive says:

Thanks a lot its working better than before tysm πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ˜‡πŸ’™πŸ’™β™₯️

B Hylands says:

Wow! Have had short hamstrings my whole life, always get the knee and calf pain when trying to stretch. Now realise this is the nerve. So glad I found out. Will try this and watch the flossing video. Have liked and subscribed. Will also see if you have any videos for my shoulder pain. Thank you.

Feykro says:

So uh, before this literally every time I tried to stretch I'd be pulling that nerve, and sometimes I'd force it thinking it was the normal way and it'd eventually stop. Could I have done any damage I should be worried about or would that just work itself out naturally by body regenerating or whatever. Also actually stretching the muscle does feel a lot better than what was literally just pain.
Edit: Somehow fortunately for me but my inability to get myself to commit to a basic routine because ADHD bullies me, I haven't been able to stretch consistently and thus haven't been overstretching the nerve repeatedly. Still whenever I did try and stretch, it'd hurt.

Andy Gray says:

I have very tight hamstrings and the usual stretches always cause me significant pain at the back of the knee and I feel this tingling in the bottom of my foot. I never considered it might be a tight nerve.

MoGreen says:

What is the brand of the band you are using ? cannot find a "distraction" band in the USA

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